Beginning: Changes and Wishes

One thing I can say for sure on my weight loss journey is that it makes for lots of changes in my life.

A new way to eat, a new way to live, a new way to be….all good things!  I started a list of changes I have noticed about my body on this journey.  Unfortunately I didn’t start the list when I started my lifestyle change but a few weeks into my changed life.  It has been fun to list the changes I have noticed from week to week or even day to day.  I wish I would have started off dating each entry but I didn’t start dating the items until early July.  I noted items like:  first time I noticed the waistband of my pants getting lose, first time I was able to get into a size smaller and even the first time I noticed my collar bones were more pronounced!  Small things add up to big things!

On June 1st, I started taking monthly measurements.   I wish I would have started taking measurements in January but I did not start that until June 1st.  Definite changes have happened! Not only on the scale but on the measuring tape and in in great non-scale ways too!

I realized on April 2nd, after having lost almost 20 lbs., I didn’t have a good “before” photo.  Why did it take me until April 2nd to notice this?   I had hid from the camera for a long time.  On April 2nd, I won an employee team recognition award and someone took what turned out to be a full body shot of me holding our team award.  After having lost 20 lbs. that is now my best “before” picture.  I had hidden from the camera until April 2nd and then bit the bullet and let my picture be taken.   Please take that dreaded “before” photo, you will appreciate it later!

Funny lots of things I wished I would have done from the beginning but no regrets!

If you are starting a healthier life style, do yourself a favor and start by:

  1. Start taking your measurements and the beginning and then on a monthly basis.  (bust, waist, hips, thighs, upper arms, etc.)
  2. Ask a good friend to take a great full body shot as a “before” picture.  This will be your “base” to work from.
  3. Start making a list of all the changes you have noticed about yourself no matter how small they are!  These small successes will help propel you to greater success!
  4. When you get discouraged and do not see the scale moving, refer to the items above and know even if the scales are not moving you are making progress!

Enjoy your journey!  Savor it!  Cherish it!  You are doing what is good and healthy for yourself!  You are loving yourself in the best way possible!


One thought on “Beginning: Changes and Wishes

  1. Thanks for the tips on how to start my weight loss journey. I think I am still in the early stages so I have to act now and start getting measurements taken and all that important stuff. 🙂


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