In Remembrance – 9/11 – God Blessed the USA

This is off of the weight loss topic but definitely on everyone’s mind today.  

Today is the 12th anniversary of 9/11.  While it is a sad time to remember, one of my friends became a US Citizen today and this is a very special blessed day for her.   I rejoice for her as she can now truly call the United States home and her country of choice.  

I feel very blessed to have been born in the United States.  We are a nation of choices.  We can choose what we want to do for a living, not true in other countries.  We can choose what we would like to eat, no so in other countries, there is no food.   We can choose to drive the mall, no so in other countries.  In most countries, people do not own vehicles, they walk.  There are no malls, no stores, no cellphones, nothing “extra” no “luxuries.”   We are a nation most blessed and most of the time we do not even realize how blessed we are!   We live in a nation of extreme wealth and luxury when compared to most nations.  

How did such freedoms and blessings come about? 

Many fought and died for our tremendous freedoms.

Thank you to all the women and men who serve this great nation in our military, police, and first responders.  We are in debt for all the courageous work you do.  

And above all , thank you to God for richly blessing this nation.  



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