Facing Negativity

Lately it seems a lot of people are being slammed with negativity about trying to be healthier.  Some people start thinking, “What I am doing must be wrong because ‘no one’ seems to like it.”  What a lie!  People do not like what we are trying to do because:  first, they feel guilty, they are doing nothing, second, they are jealous, thirdly they are negative about most things and lastly, they have a problem!  Do not take on the negativity of others, it is their problem not yours!

Why are some people so mean/rude?

I saw this and it sums things up well.  “Don’t be distracted by Criticism.  Remember, the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.” –  Zig Ziglar   Think of unfounded criticism as a compliment that you are doing something right.  The only way for some people to feel better about themselves, is to tear others down.  Realize that unfounded criticism is more a reflection of the person who is criticizing than you.  It truly is their problem and they are trying to ‘share.’  This is the kind of sharing we do not need!

Why do some people just “have” to say something?

Some people are mean by nature and get some kind of “high” by causing pain/discomfort in others.  Sometimes people mean well but their words just come out wrong.  There are even times when someone feels they should say something but aren’t quite sure what to say so they err.   I guess they never heard the phrase,” if you can’t say something nice, then do not say anything at all!”  I have learned to consider the source and let it go.

How do I defend myself against negative criticism?

That is an excellent question.  I do feel the answer is simple— don’t.  Just because someone says something to us, it does not make it true unless we choose to believe them.  If you are upset by what someone has said to you, try not letting them know it upset you.  The best response you can give them is no response.  Feel victorious!  They were unable to upset you.  Smile and wish them well.  Your lack of response will take all the “fun” out of the “game” for them.

What can I do instead of responding to them?

When unfairly criticized, don’t turn to food for comfort!  There are so many other things you can do.  Such as; go for a walk, call a friend, clean out a drawer, re-organize your desk, do something to re-channel your feelings in a positive and productive way.  Truly turn a negative into a positive!

Let their negativity propel you to greater success!  


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