Life Interrupted

Today is one of those days we all have; you can’t do your normal routine.  You can plan but sometimes life just happens.   I am writing this while my car is being serviced.  I chose a 7am appointment so that I could get back to my comfy normal routine as soon as possible.  We are such creatures of habit it seems except when it comes to good habits.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice and we work at it becoming habit every single day.  Why is it that good habits can go by the wayside very quickly but old bad habits die very hard?

The dealership provides coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water and lots of doughnuts while you are waiting on your car to be serviced.  This is very nice of them but doughnuts are not what I am choosing to eat much of these days.  Yes they look good, but,   I have a coupon for a free Chick Fil A breakfast sandwich in my purse which I hope to redeem after my car has new oil and a tire rotation.   I have learned to plan even my indulgences.

My thinking—-Doughnuts vs. Chick Fil A Chicken Biscuit.  I order the chicken biscuit on on a regular bun, not because I hate biscuits, but because it is fewer points.  Even with replacing the biscuit with a bun, it is still an eight point breakfast.  I like my bun/biscuit with a large glass of ice water with lemon wedges.  The Dunkin’ Doughnuts glazed doughnut would be seven points.  Yes lower points than the Chick Fil A on a bun but nutritionally empty and most likely one would lead to two and that would be fourteen points plus.  That would be double the chicken on a bun and bonus, the chicken is protein plus carbohydrates! This combination makes for more staying power when it comes to consumption.  I enjoyed my indulgence and tracked it!

If I was at home, I would be having a bowl of Multi-Grain Cheerios (3pp)  and Lactose-free skim milk (1pp)  for a 4 point breakfast starter!  For a protein accompaniment, I could fry an egg white for zero points with a crumbled turkey sausage patty for an additional one point.  Place those on an OLE Xtreme Wellness high fiber, low carbohydrate tortilla for one point.  For six points I can have a bowl of cereal, milk and a breakfast wrap with egg and sausage!  See being at home for breakfast is much better!!  But life happens, and the car needs an oil change! Getting up at 6 a.m. isn’t the way I like starting my Saturdays or when I am awake enough to fix breakfast, the would have required getting up even earlier! Urghhhh!

When life happens, we need to make the best choices we can in our circumstances but try to keep our wise sense about us.  Just because we cannot have what we should have at the time does not mean we should just “give up” and resign ourselves to poor choices and our old eating habits!  That is not logical nor smart!  Just because your battery goes dead in your mp3 player, do you toss it in the trashcan and go buy a new one?  No!! You replace the battery when you can and continue to use your mp3 player.  Just because life tosses us a curve ball, doesn’t mean we have to strike out!

We might have made a single bad choice but that does not mean when it is time for the next meal/snack that we can’t make a wise choice.  One meal did not make us fat/unhealthy; neither will one meal make us healthy and thinner!

Consistency of effort and making good choices are what lead to success!!  Learning how to cope with life’s constant changes will keep us healthy! Don’t let one bad choice/meal lead to a bad hour/day/week/year!  Make a habit out of making good choices and bigger and bigger successes will come! 


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