Movement 101 (an old friend)

Yesterday was a big day for me.  I went back to the gym after about a four year absence.  I was almost in tears as I pulled into the parking lot.  I wasn’t sure if they were tears of joy or fear but it was a great experience.   While I have been walking at home and doing fitness DVDs it just isn’t the same as getting out to the gym.  There is the social aspect but there is also the equipment!  The wonderful new equipment that I do not have at home!  Stationary bikes, skiing machines, ellipticals and treadmills all equipped with internet access and TVs!  It was great to just plug in my headphones and watch a movie while working out.  I like that mental trick!  I could have done that for a very long time!  I did a weight circuit which if you completed reps on all the machines gave you a total body workout.  It was nice to have this neat “pod” of weight machines to work out on!

The gym has changed since the last time I was there.  I always had my trusty Mp3 player to listen to my favorite songs to keep me moving.  Now, you don’t need a Mp3 player for most machines.  You plug your headphones in and listen to TV, movies, sporting events, or plug into Facebook, Twitter, the internet and surf.  Amazing changes!  Multi-tasking to a new level!  I don’t like wearing my glasses when working out so logging onto the internet isn’t’ practical for me, but I do love the distraction of watching TV or a movie!

This was a get reacquainted day for me and I stayed about an hour and a half.  I found most things I was looking for even though I didn’t use them yet.   I did work up a sweat but just not on all the equipment I would have liked to have done!  I found a skiing machine and found it challenging and will be looking forward to spending time on it.  The new stair steppers looked like a stair case, and made total sense to me!  I found my own friends the rowing machines and next time I will get reacquainted with them!  So many things to do at the gym on our campus!  Over 28,000 square feet of fitness!

I might even try a  class or some other group fitness class!  I like that things are not cramped like the gym was before the remodel/expansion which happened a few years ago.  The gym has changed and I am changing too!

I know not one workout will make me healthy but I am on my way again to greater levels of fitness!Image


One thought on “Movement 101 (an old friend)

  1. jmrcnslt says:

    Yea for you Lora! I know I was intimidated my the new equipment when I finally went back, then I stopped going (still paid $10/mo though) for 2 years! I LOVE the ARC trainer (like an elliptical) and spend 50 minutes 3x a week on it. Then I go into the little exercise room and work on shoulders and upper body with free weights. I haven’t gotten back into the weight machines…YET. ~Jo-Anne


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