Confession: Good for a Change

Why did I choose to join Weight Watchers Online?

1. I was feeling really really bad! 

My mother turned 70 in January of this year.   I coordinated a birthday luncheon for her and also was the mistress of ceremonies for the luncheon for mom and 60 of her family and friends.  I coordinate events on my full time job at the University of South Florida for the Dean of our college as needed.  I have been coordinating events for many years.   At the conclusion of my mom’s birthday luncheon after she and all her guests had left.  It was just me and one of my friends who had volunteered to help me left.  I HAD to sit down because I felt like I was going to pass out.  I was dizzy and lightheaded.  My body felt like it had been pushed to the max; I was almost shaking.    This was not a complicated event; it was fun, not stressful.  I could not understand why did I feel so bad?

2.  Getting the Facts

I decided to discuss what I had been feeling like and what I had been experiencing with a dear friend who happens to be a cardiologist.  After I expressed the many things I had noticed lately, including being tired all the time, he made a suggestion which shook me to my very core, he suggested that I get a stress test to find out exactly what was going on.  What you might not understand is that I hate doctors. Did I just say “hate” them?  Let me clarify further.  I unequivocally hate abhor, did I say hate, hate hate doctors!  I got that attitude from my dad I think!

3. Disbelief/Denial

I have been healthy all my life, and have only been in the hospital once for 3 days when I was five years old!  I am healthy!  How could a doctor tell me to have a stress test made!  Yes, this shook me to my very core!  This man, who is a dear friend, who treats people with heart conditions, suggested that “I” have a stress test done!  Do you understand how scary this was for me?  I was running scared. I did not want to be treated as a heart patient who had  heart troubles!  I couldn’t have heart troubles!  I am too young for that!  Just can’t be!  But something has to change!!!  Like NOW!  I am known for being stubborn (got that from my dad too!).  In this case stubborn wasn’t the issue; but fear was!  I made a decision that if I did not start feeling better in a week, I was going to call and get the stress test done.

4. Making a Decision

I knew I had gained weight in the last several years.  I wasn’t sure how much, I didn’t own a scale.  I suspected my weight was contributing or causing all the issues I was having.  I knew I had to do something.  I thought about what I had done in the past and it worked!   I had been very successful with Weight Watchers before.  I typed in the website address and started reading about the new 360 program.  Things had changed since the Flex Points and Momentum days.  I knew I needed to change and I knew the Weight Watchers program was the “right” and “healthy” way of losing weight.  I clicked.  I joined.

5. Accidental Discovery

I had a morning ritual then of stopping for breakfast at Chick Fil A every morning on the way to work.  I placed my usual order along with a large glass of iced water.   When they handed me large glass of iced water, I noticed it had lemons in it.  I had not asked for them but decided I would just keep it and go on.  This little “mistake” set me on a new road.  I often get lemons in my water when ordering at a restaurant so I like lemons in my water; just I had not asked for them at Chick Fil A.  So I took the water with lemon wedges to work and drank it.   Guess what? Some of my symptoms were almost immediately relieved!

6.  Still Dealing with the Unknown

When I joined online they asked me to enter my weight, I guessed and entered it.  But I knew I needed to purchase a good digital scale.  I was easily able to stay within my daily point limit. Within a couple of weeks I noticed the following:  I was not feeling bloated all the time, I wasn’t having nightly indigestion, I was sleeping through the night again, I felt some energy starting to return and I felt the waistband of my pants wasn’t as tight!

7.  Another Wake Up Call

On Wednesday, January 23rd, my new digital scale arrived.  It was sleek, modern and stylish.  I stepped on the scale sure to find out I had over-estimated my weight and things were not as bad as I had thought.  ZAP! BOOM! POW! I had UNDER-estimated my weight! I was not a happy camper at all!  I felt like a brick had just hit me upside my thick stubborn head.  I had to reset my weight online to what was REAL and TRUE and not my “estimate.”  My daily points allowance went up and for a few seconds I felt very defeated.  It was clear what I needed to do and I set my mind to do it and I am doing it!

Things in your life can either destroy you or motivate you, I chose to be motivated!  I am even looking forward to my annual check up on October 1st!   Change was the right decision for me!  I have gotten my life and my energy back!  You can too!  

Change 22

3 thoughts on “Confession: Good for a Change

  1. I’m so glad that you did decide to change things! Good job



  2. That’s great! I’m happy for you 🙂


  3. Guerschom says:

    Lora!!! You rock!!!! And inspire.


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