Weigh In Day – Judgement Day

Today is a wonderful day! It is my weigh in day.  How can I see that as being wonderful?  I have followed the program, stayed within my limits, added movement and drank my water daily.  When I weighed in I was down 1.6 lbs. Yay me!  60.2 lbs. gone and about 40 lbs. more to go!

Why would I say judgement day?  Face it, the scale is a way to measure how well we did last week.  One of my goals, is to make “friends” with the scale and not be afraid of it.  Easier said that done! But I am working on it!

I met with my personal trainers today at lunch time for assessment tests.  There are two days of assessment.  They did my height/weight, heart rate/blood pressure, flexibility, and cardio assessments today.   I had a choice do a mile and see how long it took me to either walk/run/job OR go as far as I could in 12 minutes.  I chose to see how far I could walk in 12 minutes.   I was able to walk ¾ mile in 12 minutes so that was ok.  I even jogged the last 30 seconds so I could finish the last lap inside the twelve minute time allotment.  YAY!  I do not jog/run, so a MAJOR accomplishment for me!  Yes it was only 30 seconds but I did it, shocked that I did it and happy I did it!  Who knows at the end of my training program I might be able to jog sixty seconds. 🙂

I read something earlier this week and I want to share it with everyone!  I read that when you sweat, it is fat crying!  It made me giggle so I made a picture to remember it by!

Now I say to my FAT:  Cry baby cry!

Sweat 1


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