Dealing with Disappointment

Get over it, disappointments happen!

If you live long enough, it will happen.  Either someone or something is going to disappoint you; it’s a fact of life.  How you deal with life’s disappointments is another story.  When we are disappointed we are emotionally let down.  What do we do with those negative feelings?

Do we get angry?  Do we scream?  Do we cry?  Do we go out for a run/walk? Do we seek comfort in talking with a friend?  Do we seek comfort in food?

First, there is nothing wrong with feeling let down, disappointed, angry, etc.  It is what we do with those feelings that can cause long-term problems.  When we use food as a “comfort” under times of emotion we are setting ourselves for many other problems/consequences.

Food a false sense of “comfort”

Food gives us a false sense of comfort.  The problem is still there even after consuming a whole bag of Lays BBQ Potato chips, a whole box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and a half a gallon of ice cream.  We will quickly find out we have created a new problem.  We have maybe not only a feeling of guilt of what we ate, but now we have indigestion, feeling ill and eventually we will not be able to fit into our clothes.  Which will easily cause us feel even more disappointment toward ourselves!  See where this is going? It’s is snowballing isn’t it?  This snowballing causes us to feel a sense of being out of control, guess what, we are!

When disappointments happen, it is a much more productive response to allow ourselves to get angry,  cry, go for a walk/run , call a friend and let the emotion out instead of keeping the emotion inside and stuffing it down inside deeper by adding food on top of it!  Eventually all of these emotions we have stuffed inside us and buried with food will come pouring out which we least expect it. Dealing with the disappointment at the time it happens and not associating with food will help propel us to greater success!  Use your voice/body—- not your fork!



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