The Queen of Denial

Excuse me, don’t you mean the Queen of the Nile?  No, I am not talking about Cleopatra here, I am talking about us!

 Blinded by the Light

There are times in our lives when we just do not want to see what is in front of us.  This seems to ac common pattern in weight loss.

Body Talk

We notice our pants are tighter but we just keep plugging along blaming the washer and dryer on the new “fit.”  We notice our energy levels are not the same as they used to be but we just think it is “normal” to be a little tired, after all we are getting older!  We notice that we are having indigestion almost on a nightly basis but we just think I must have a “bug.”  We notice our knees/hips are bothering us but it must be a touch of arthritis or we pulled or strained something.   We notice our face looks a little fuller in the mirror and we chalk it up to water retention.  Our feet hurt and we have stopped wearing heals, we must be just getting old!  Our knees/ankles seem to be giving us pain/discomfort, it must be the weather!  We feel blue/down all the time and no not like to look into the mirror anymore.  We have stopped wearing those “cute” clothes.  We have been having migraine headaches often, it must be a food allergy or stress!  We can’t sleep well at night, never get enough rest, we must need a new mattress!  We notice that we feel bloated all the time but we again think it must be an intestinal thing that is “going around.”  The only thing that is getting ‘round is us!

How easy is it to ignore all of the above and chalk them up to something else? Easy Peasy…but our bodies are talking to us!  We need to listen!

Obesity is one of the most curable medical conditions.  We have to first admit it, form a plan and then work our plan toward success!   Next time, your body speaks to you, try listening and do something good for it!


2 thoughts on “The Queen of Denial

  1. I wish I had listened the first time my body spoke to me..
    I especially ignored the mirror when it showed my face getting fuller..I even had a hypothyroidism test done..ha ha .How stupid am I?


    • tampaflgal says:

      Not stupid at all; we just have blinders on sometimes when we deal with ourselves. It can be two extremes, and neither are good. Total denial or total self-punishment. Every meal/snack is an opportunity to make better choices. One step at a time!


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