Unexpected Blessings

When I went yesterday for my annual checkup I was expecting to see the same number I see on my scale at home but a little higher.  After all, I weighed at home without clothes and I know clothes weigh something.  You can imagine my shock when I got on the nice doctor’s office digital scale and the readout flashed and announced my weight.  I turned to the nurse and asked “Is this right?”  She said “Oh you were expecting lower?” I said “No, higher.” And I laughed and said “when you look at my chart you will see why I thought it would be higher.”  That taught me my new digital home scale weighs FIVE pounds heavier than my doctor’s office scale.  The doctor’s office number put me at another personal mini-goal and I was ecstatic to the see the lower number!  I am sure I had a bounce to my step as I walked to the examining room. 

I asked to have all my weights so I could write them down and add them to my spreadsheet.  You see for the last 4 years or so, I have not wanted to know what I weighed and told them either not to tell me or took a pass on weighing in.  The nurse was great, she printed out my weights back to 2007 before my father passed away.  I was at my lowest weight back in late March of 2007 before he passed away.  In fact, I had been in the doctor’s office just about 6 days before he passed away to touch base.   Now I knew what one of my next mini-goals would be and it was not as far away as I had thought! Yay!

It was nice to see hear how well she felt I had done in the last year.  Her first question was “How did you do it?”  I heard a skeptical tone in her voice, but when I replied “Weight Watchers” a huge smile came over her face.  She praised me very highly and gave many encouraging words.  She was thrilled I had not become a victim of extreme dieting!   

Since my last annual checkup,  I had lost 72 lbs.   I thought I had only lost a little over 60 lbs. thinking that I probably weighed more on January 23rd when I started Weight Watchers than when I was in their office in late September of 2012.   Seeing that was another great feeling and unexpected!  My last couple of weeks has been very stressful and though the little “positives” I had recounted might not seem like much; but when you have been dealing with lots of stress; little things mean a lot—- a whole lot!

Sometimes you get unexpected blessings (positives, surprises), and you should celebrate them no matter how small they are!  Celebrate all things no matter how small!  If you walk an extra ten feet to get to your office/car, be happy!  If you chose a piece of fruit over a pastry, revel in making great choices!  Rejoice in your new healthy life style especially in times of stress!   A stronger healthier body will get your through stressful times better than an overweight weak body! Give thanks for your blessings every day! 


3 thoughts on “Unexpected Blessings

  1. Krista A. says:

    72lbs in a year! Congrats! I hope to see the same results. We will see! Jump for joy, you deserve it!


  2. Krista A. says:

    I just realized you are from Tampa! I started following your blog because I just joined weight watchers. I live in Colorado now, but was born and raised and lived in Brandon until I was 23!


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