Focusing on the Positives – Happy Anniversary!

Sometimes the scale does not give us the numbers we were hoping for or felt we deserved for all the hard work we have put into our lifestyle change.  When this happens, it is an opportunity for growth.  It is great to see a smaller number on the scale but is it also good to see smaller measurements too!  Occasionally we need to step back from the scale and look at the “bigger” picture to see how far we have come.  Where was I a month ago? a year ago?

I know nine months ago today, I was just starting my weight loss journey on Weight Watchers.  I know what size I was wearing then and what size I am wearing now.  Nine months ago I only dreamed of the size I am wearing now!  In the big picture I have been very successful.   The scale gave me only a slight down this week.  Yes it was disappointing but considering where I was nine months ago, I have reason to celebrate! I have lost 66 lbs. in nine months on Weight Watchers.  I have dropped 5 pant sizes!  I have lost 7 inches in my waist!  I am averaging 1.7 lbs a week lost!  I have regained a lot of my energy!  I have stopped having what was almost nightly stomach upset.  I am rebuilding my body strength back.  I have gained a sense of just feeling better all the time.  I like the saying “What will you gain when you lose?”  It fits me well.

I feel I have re-gained a more positive look on my life, despite some personal losses.   I feel like I am free again.  That one is harder to explain as I have felt very “weighed/tied down” by life and circumstances.  I feel lighter and untethered again!  I feel like a new world of possibilities has opened to me.   I didn’t realize that I had even stopped dreaming.  I can dream again.  And I like the expression that professional party planner David Tutera uses “dream bigger,”  I can now not only dream but dare to “dream bigger.”

While the last seven days showed a .2 lbs. loss, the last nine months have been a wonderful start to a life time journey of gaining greater health!   Happy Weight Watcher Anniversary to me!  Nine months, 66 lbs. lots more to go!

Self Love 11


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