The Paradigm Shift in Weight Loss: My brain is changing!

The paradigm shift is simply defined as a change in basic assumptions.  I have noticed a great change in my basic assumptions since beginning Weight Watchers in January 2013.

I used to think — you had to be perfect in everything every day to be successful.  The beauty of the 360 program is that you do not have to be perfect, just human and consistent in your efforts.  In my old way of thinking, I thought if you slipped up ONE time, it was useless.  Now I see a bad choice as an opportunity to learn what really caused that bad choice.   I have learned that I had over-eaten mainly out of boredom and secondly from out of control emotions.   Do I still get bored?  You bet!  Do I still eat to fill that boredom? No way!   I normally have been able to channel that boredom into productive channels such as; journaling/blogging, going for a walk, watching a movie, sending my mind on a journey ‘inside,’ calling a friend, going window shopping, cleaning out a drawer/closet/counter top, etc.  Normally one of those will get my head out of wanting to eat, but what if none of those things seem to work?  I grab either a piece of fruit or a vegetable and enjoy!

I used to think– eating healthy was not eating anything that tastes good.  I have found out once again that foods prepared w/o extra sauces and creams can be more delicious than the calorie-fat laden counterparts.  One of my favorite snacks these days are the small cucumbers.  I eat them just like you would eat any piece of fruit.  No, I do not need some kind of dip to eat my vegetables anymore!  One of my grandfathers loved onions and he would eat them just like he was eating an apple.  I enjoy onions but I seriously doubt I will ever get to that point of munching down on straight onion like him but I do see a definite shift in what I am choosing to eat as a snack.

I used to think– I had to starve in order to lose weight.  I have found by following the Weight Watchers 360 program that I am in reality eating a greater volume of food than I was before but the volume is high quality foods.  The scientists at Weight Watchers have to be pure geniuses, most fruits and vegetables (not all) are considered “zero” point foods.   Why is this genius?  With the Weight Watchers plan is that you get a set number of points to use for the day and these points decline as you lose weight.  What I am seeing as great wisdom in this is that you quickly start focusing on what you can eat clearly.  You choose foods that are good point “values.” You spend your daily point allowance like you spend money.  You “naturally” start eating fruits and vegetables in greater amounts to maximize/get more bang for your buck of your daily point allowance.  No one is standing over you, telling you that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables; it is something you come to naturally when following the program.

I used to think—all fat is bad and avoid it all at all costs!  I have to admit I love almost all things fried, especially those with rich sauces and gravies.  I am a carnivore and almost all meat is good, very good tasting to me and the juicier the better.  A salad without lots of dressing is just flat-out boring to me.  Even baked potatoes have to be smothered in butter, bacon pieces, sour cream and chives to be exciting.  Eating vegetables without cheese, surely not!   Can one eat shrimp and fish without it being batter-dipped and deep-fried?  No way!  I can say after ten months of a new healthier lifestyle that I now have meatless meals, even love meatless burgers, love salads with minimal dressings, baked potatoes still need fat-free sour cream and chives, plain broccoli is delicious, so is plain chopped spinach, Brussel sprouts and sugar snap peas!  One of the most favorite meals I make now is steamed/boiled shrimp with freshly steamed vegetables.  Wow, have things changed or what!!!!?

There is a song, that says “used to be’s don’t count anymore, they just lay on the floor, ‘til we sweep them away” what I used to think, doesn’t mean much anymore the paradigm has shifted!

One thought on “The Paradigm Shift in Weight Loss: My brain is changing!

  1. mrsgillies says:

    It’s amazing, isn’t it? My husband and i have been eating a lot healthier the past two years, cutting out sugar and reducing processed foods. The other day we had a small snack selection we made for ourselves and two years ago we would have eaten it all and probably still been hungry. We barely made it through half! I was amazed at how much i used to eat. I’m not trying super hard to lose weight because I’m not overweight however i am trying to be healthy because i want to be in good shape as i get older. I felt disgusting after our small splurge – my body feels so much better with how i feed it nowadays!


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