The Mental Doldrums of Weight Loss

Do you ever feel your weight loss ship has hit the doldrums?  Do things feel, dull, listless? Do you feel gloomy or in low spirits?

Lately I have started to feel a little “blah” about weight loss.  I do not feel that spike of energy and excitement I felt at the beginning.  I am not cheating on my program or eating too much food, nor have I given up, but I feel I am on auto pilot and something about that frightens me.   I know I have created new habits, but I do not want to feel I have got this all figured out.  Life and circumstances are constantly changing and so does our eating environment.

There are a few suggestions that are given if you are starting to feel “stale” with your regimen.

First, it is suggested that you allow yourself some distraction; that is good for me, I can get easily distracted!

Have a mantra:  Write down all the reasons for losing weight, find some inspiring pictures to post.  I try to do this on a daily basis (finding inspiring pictures).  It is time for me to write a new list of reasons for my weight loss!

Here is my new list, most are on my original list but after ten months, it is time for a re-fresher!

    1. Be healthier (good BMI, good medical test results, etc.)
    2. Feel better
    3. Improve my endurance
    4. Strengthen my bad knees
    5. Improve my flexibility
    6. Gain more core strength
    7. Improve my confidence level
    8. Feel pretty again
    9. Physically look better
    10. Buy new clothes! (not really a motivation for me, but that is a by-product of weight loss!)

Have some wiggle room:  Allow yourself to deviate from your routine some times.  Try a new food, a new recipe a new exercise routine, shake things up a bit!  I try to do this every week as well; a new food, a new recipe and try to vary my exercise.

Get enough rest:  Not having enough rest can affect how you view yourself, your weight loss and life in general.  This one lately has been a challenge.  I want to sleep when I should be working and I want to work when I should be sleeping.  Hopefully this will straighten out soon!

I will work through this day by day and know there are always obstacles in losing weight, this is one more hurdle to keep clearing in my weight loss voyage.  72 pounds down, 48 more to go!!!

72 lbs gone

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