Give Thanks

This time of year we are reminded to be thankful.  I am truly thankful that I am alive today.  At the beginning of this year, I questioned whether or not I would make it through the year.  I was tired all the time, I wanted to sleep all the time, never felt really great, was eating Tums like candy, had almost constant indigestion, bloating and lots of gas that would get trapped inside my body and I was having trouble sleeping at night.  What has changed?  Me!  I am forever thankful to a friend who suggested that I get a stress test because that suggestion snapped me back to reality!  I was really not well and others could see it too.

I made a decision to change my lifestyle and I have not looked back.  I joined Weight Watchers Online in January of 2013 and have been able to shed 73  pounds.  I am not where I want to be, but, my energy level have almost returned to normal, my endurance is better, I do not want to sleep all the time, I am motivated to do things beside, eat, sleep and work!  I have not had any major issues with indigestion, bloating and gas since I started controlling not only what I ate, but how much I ate.

I remember in January, one of the first things I set as a mini-goal for myself was to eat one piece of fruit a day.  Today, I am not happy unless I have a least two pieces of fruit on my desk and one vegetable to munch on during the day.  HUGE change for me!  In January, I was constantly eating some kind of chocolate candy or potato chips at work but now I have my fruit, vegetables, yogurt, etc.  Do I miss the candy? Yes and no, I know I can have candy if I want it, oddly I haven’t really wanted it.  The same is true for potato chips which I felt I couldn’t live without.  I have found other ways to get my crunch and satisfy my sweet tooth.

I am very thankful that I learned how to eat better foods and portions which has helped me to feel better and better each day.  One of the side affects of losing weight, is that I not only feel better but I am looking better, feeling more confident and being generally happy all the time.  I am thankful I am living, I am thankful I am living healthier! I am thankful!

Today I am especially thankful that I can wear this pair of Levi’s I bought last month when I was on vacation!  Yay me!  I am not too good with the mirror selfies yet!

Lora 11272013D

One thought on “Give Thanks

  1. mrsgillies says:

    Well done! You look great 🙂


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