Merry Christmas

As the long-awaited Christmas Holiday is here, I hope that everyone’s wishes and dreams came true but the reality is that after the decorations, presents and food are gone, we are left to think about what was, what could have been and what we will hope will be next Christmas.

So many face unrealistic expectations this time of year and place unrealistic expectations on a day of the year, the season of the year and mostly on other people.  Happiness, satisfaction and self-esteem all come from inside you.  A gift, a new outfit, a new treat or even a single word from the “right” person doesn’t create real happiness, that comes from inside you.  These things can give you a reason to smile but a smile only lasts for a moment or does it?

Planning for Happiness:

1.  Make up your mind that you are going to be happy and set your mind.

2.  Plan for it.  Make of list of the things that make you smile/happy.

3.  Work your plan;which means to do or experience the things on your list.

This might sound simplistic, but happiness is one of the most basic and simple things we can experience.  What makes me smile?  A sunny day, a funny joke, an act of kindness, the wagging tail which greets me when I come home, the laughter of a child, a fluffy cloud, Caribbean blue water,   the sun warming my skin, the could go on and on.

Gift yourself the gift of happiness this year!

Merry Christmas!

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