Jury Duty and Weight Watchers

On Christmas Eve, I received a Jury summons in the mail.  Merry Christmas to me!  I reported this past Monday, February 3rd and I went prepared.

I knew that we would get a lunch break and that not knowing the area of what was available, I would be wise to pack my lunch, snacks and bottled water in advance.  My tote was heavy but that ok, I would rather choose what I wanted to eat from what I knew would be better choices than a cafeteria or a snack machine.  Carrying the extra weight helped remind me of the extra weight I used to carry around all the time!

I chose to pack:

  • Apple
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Mini Cucumber
  • Sandwich (Reduced Calorie Wheat Bread (2 slices),  Lean Deli Ham (3 oz. ) and Mustard)
  • Special K Cracker Chips (Sea Salt) weighed out in a Ziploc bag
  • Special K Moments Dreamy Coconut Snack Bar
  • Pringles 100 Calorie Original Chips
  • Bottle of Water (16.9 oz)

I pre-tracked everything I took with me that day, knowing whatever I brought home, I could subtract from my daily point allowance.

What I brought home:

  • Apple
  • Mini Cucumber
  • ½ of the Special K Cracker Chips (Sea Salt) weighed out in a Ziploc bag
  • Special K Moments Dreamy Coconut Snack Bar
  • Pringles 100 Calorie Original Chips

Planning is the key when you’re going to be out of your normal routine/area.

Strategies for planning ahead:

  • Pack your own lunch

If you have to eat out:

  • look at menus online (if they have them)
  • plan your order in advance (if possible)
  • use the nutritional information found on their website to figure out the points

At the Restaurant:

  • Ask questions about the food preparation, sauce ingredients, etc.
  • Ask for your portion to be split and take half home
  • If the restaurant will not split it for you; as for a take home container and do it yourself!
  • Request sauces/salad dressings on the side if you are not clear as to what is in them and to minimize their use.
  • Drink water with your meals

I felt I did a lot of sitting and waiting for something to happen, which never happened.  You could move around freely, go to the ladies room, as needed which was nice.  I didn’t get home until about 7:30 pm that night so pre-planning helped me to have a successful day on Weight Watchers and allowed me to not feel deprived other than deprived of my job that day!  The plan works if you work it!

As soon as I could get my clothes changed, I took Sunny, my Labrador, for a nice long walk; it felt so good to move after sitting all day!  She loved getting out and about and I just liked the movement. A year ago I would have just come home to “sit” more or go to bed early out of exhaustion.  A year later I want to get out and move! Good for me!

Planning 1


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