Breaking Bad——Habits: Portion Control

I have begun a series on “Breaking Bad—Habits” and the first installment is found in the March 5, 2014 issue of Weights and Balances on Portion Control.  If you can think of a bad habit that is associated with being overweight, please feel free to leave a comment for me with your idea below.

Below is supplemental information to help you win the battle of portion control:

More Tips to keep your portion sizes under control:

  • Buy single serving containers of “trigger” foods.
  • Replace your candy dish with a bowl of fruit.
  • Keep healthier foods at eye level in your pantry and fridge.
  • Keep trigger foods on a high shelf, back of the freezer; make them inconvenient to get and out of sight!
  • Eat slower. Savor the flavors!
  • Use smaller plates, such as a salad plate.
  • No “seconds” only allow yourself to take one trip!
  • Never eat from a box or bag, weigh/measure out what you are going to eat; put the box/bag away.
  • Fill your plate one time and put away serving dishes.
  • Ask for a “to go” container at the restaurant when they bring your plate. Box up 1/2. To take home for later!

 Test yourself on Portion Control/Sizes!

Visual Pictures of Portion Sizes

  • Snacks 2

Portions 3 Portions 4

Portions 1


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