Entering the Danger Zone: 16 lbs. From Goal!

After 14 1/2 months, I am now a little less than 16 lbs. from my weight goal and attending Weight Watcher Meetings first thing on Saturday mornings.  It has been an adjustment to go from being an online member to now a meetings member!  At home, you can weigh in first thing in the morning wearing only your birthday suit.  At meetings, you are dressed and yes your clothes do add weight, almost a full pound in my case! My focus seems to be starting to change moving away from solely losing weight to starting to consider how to maintain the lifestyle. In some ways, that is uncomfortable.  I have spent the last year being strongly focused on losing weight and now I have to start considering, what comes after the weight loss phase.

At the meeting this past Saturday I had a loss of 3.8 lbs which placed me at  a total 105.2 lbs lost so far!  I feel driven to not only wanting to hit my next five-pound loss and I am starting to focusing on what I have left to lose.   Focusing on five pounds at a time has kept me from feeling overwhelmed in my weight loss phase.  If I would have started with the “big” number of needing to lose over 120 lbs. in my head from the start, I would have gotten overwhelmed, discouraged and maybe even quit and not gotten this far.  When I began on January 23rd of 2013, my only goal had been to feel better and  get my energy back.   I knew weight loss was the gateway to accomplishing these health goals  I have only in the last month set a target goal number.  My target goal number is a little less than 16 lbs away.  If fact, 15.2 lbs. and yes I am counting!

My Best Advice 

The best advice I would offer to anyone who is wanting to lose any amount of weight is to start small.  Set one or two goals/changes a week that are easy and manageable.  Build on each and every small success and don’t forget to reward yourself!  What kinds of small changes?  For example, one of my first goals was to eat ONE whole piece of fruit a day.  That might not sound  like much, but I wasn’t eating much fruit or vegetables at all before Weight Watchers.  I knew I needed to eat more fruit and vegetables but I knew I had to “ease” into it!   I love both fruits and vegetables but I had not been eating them unless they were accompanied by  high-fat sauces, cheeses, or a part of some pasta laden dish or as a side ingredient in some decadent dessert.   I  didn’t normally eat fruits or vegetables by themselves.  Now I have on my desk at any given time at least two pieces of fruit and some vegetables to eat/snack on for my work day.  Another example of staring small is to decide to walk 10 minutes a day.  It doesn’t have to be all at one time, you could choose to walk five minutes at lunch time and five minutes in the evening.  Slowly increase your number until you are walking 30 minutes a day.

I have managed to keep focus so far.  It is amazing to me that I have lost 105 lbs in a little over a year! Yay me! I have maintained my focus by concentrating on losing five pounds at a time.  I have not been considering an end goal.  Just in the last month, I have chosen a target goal.  I have found myself trying to envision what I will look like at goal and starting to question if my goal should be less than what I have set it.  I am starting to second guess myself because I see what I call my “doughy” mid-section not being where I would like it to be. Will sixteen more pounds perfect it, I doubt it.  I want to think that second guessing myself is a good thing at this point, but there is the real possibility that it isn’t good that maybe I am so comfortable losing weight that considering stopping the weight loss mindset is a bit scary.

Looking back over my life, I have lost weight before and then in time re-gained it.  I think that is what scares me the most I do not want that to happen again!  I want my body to remain healthy now.  There isn’t any reason for me to be overweight ever again.  What could ever be a reason for someone to be overweight?  I think many times we become very comfortable being at a certain weight and we do not want to be uncomfortable so we stay or gain even more!  I have tools to maintain my weight loss, I need to stay focused even after reaching my goal.  I think it is starting to sink in, the real journey is just beginning!


I am enjoying the meetings; it makes a great start to my Saturday morning! The group is lively and lots participate which instantly makes the meetings more fun!  The leader, Kathy keeps the meetings moving along and gives lots of positive reinforcements.  I earned my first “Bravo” star this past week. What is a Bravo Star? It is something small but does make you feel very good when you get one!  I ‘earned’ mine by telling how I have been getting in extra activity the last week!  Little changes do add up!  I am living proof of that.  It is still mind-boggling for me to think I have less than 20 lbs to lose.  Many might not think the Bravo Stars, key rings, charms, etc. are not big deals but they indeed are.  Each one you earn, is a reward of a goal accomplished.  Many who are attempting to lose weight, fail to reward themselves.  I love all the little rewards along the Weight Watcher’s Journey!

Bravo Star 1










Looking Different

The fun part about your body slowly changing shape is that you start wanting to make more and more changes.  Shopping for clothes is fun again and I have always loved playing with my hair!  I got my hair ready for summer by getting some highlights added to it! I love how it turned out too! I thought I would share the new “summer” hair with those that read my blog so yesterday  I took a few snapshots and here is one for an update.  Yes it was a self-ie, so that is why I am looking not at the camera but at the phone trying to find the button and push it! Later, I found out how to make the phone’s camera face front and took a few snaps from that perspective too.  Technology, got to love it!  My next full body photo will be at goal and that is just 16 lbs away!

Lora 04062014f











The Danger Zone

First, I am less than 20 lbs to my goal.  Second, I am feeling great.  Third, my energy levels have returned!  Fourth, I like how I am looking in my clothes.  I agree all those things I listed are wonderful!  The main reasons why I started Weight Watchers, to feel better and have more energy. I can check those off as having been accomplished BUT I am not to the goal number yet.  Yes, I accomplished those two goals but along the way, I have added new additional goals.  New goals are:   to reach a number goal (and maybe a few pounds extra), look even better in my clothes, work on my physical fitness/core strength, to help others with their weight loss goals!  The real ‘danger zone’ would be not having any goals to carry me past my final weight goal.  We all need to have goals at any place we are in life.  It keeps us growing and moving forward!

Thank you for reading,  for your comments and for your support!



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