Weight Loss Stress: Facing a Disruption of Routine

We experienced severe heavy rains on Friday May 2nd in the Tampa Bay area.  The rains were so intense and fast that the building in which I work became flooded and my office had standing water about 2 inches deep.  Luckily, I got most everything off the floor before the “wave” it and saved my boss’s computer tower with barely 10 inches to spare as the water “waved” into his office.

When I came into my office on Monday, I had a 4 foot tall de-humidifier and two industrial fans inside my small office.  The sound was deafening.  I felt like I was working on the tarmac at an international airport.  The constant blowing air was something. I felt so dry but with the total lack of being able to concentrate due to the loud roar, I wasn’t able to keep up my “normal” routine of drinking about six 8 oz glasses of water a day while at my desk.  I felt out of  routine even at home.  It took a couple of hours each day for the constant roar to get out of my head.

The good thing,  I didn’t stress eat but I didn’t feel peaceful, calm all week and it showed or didn’t show on the scale.  I weighed in exactly the same as I had the week before.  I physically had more activity as when I got home I walked more to work off the stress and to feel calm again.  But the scale did reflect I was out of my “normal” routine.  Water does make a great deal of difference when you are losing weight.  On Friday, May 9th, I started relocating my office to another office where I was told I needed to be out of my current office by May 23rd because of a reorganization, not just the flood damage. Today is May 15th and I feel that I have everything moved to the new office and cleaned up the old office as best as I could with the flood damage.

What I am happy about is that I did not resort to stress eating which would have certainly kept the scale from staying level.  Six months ago this would have been emotionally hard for me to see “no loss” on the scale but this time, I am good with it.  One thing I think helped me was that I had put on a pair of size six white jeans the night before and that thought kept me focused/grounded.  I would have never imagined a year ago being able to wear a size six anything! So, later in the day after my weigh- in, I went to Macy’s and found 3 more pair of size 6 jeans on the clearance racks and purchased them and they fit!

Self Sabotage 5

I had been reading for over a year that stress will affect and stop your weight loss and I see for me last week that was true!  I am pushing for better news at the scale this Saturday.  I know I have my “old” routine at work back for the most part, so I know I should get some good news this coming Saturday even with eating at Maggiano’s Little Italy on Friday for a late lunch!

Success!   I weighed in on Saturday, May 17th and I had lost 2.8 lbs.!  Getting back to the basics and more of a routine certainly helped!  I drank all my water each day and then some!  I am only 8.6 lbs. from my goal! This is getting both scary and exciting!



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