The Guide to Guaranteed Weight Loss Failure, part 2.

This is a continuation of the May 21, 2014 article on how NOT to lose weight.

Here are more things you can do to assure you will not succeed in your weight loss efforts.

  1. Don’t track food; not keeping a food journal (write down everything you eat and drink, awareness/knowledge is power!)
  2. Refuse to eat any snack (keep your body fueled throughout the day to avoid bingeing and overeating) Give in to food pushers (letting others guilt you into eating something you don’t want/need is the fast gateway to weight gain)
  3.  Overestimating calories burned.  (Thinking exercise gives you a “pass” and you can eat anything you want.)
  4. Going it alone.  (Find a diet/workout buddy to help motivate and encourage each other! You think you know everything!)
  5. Eating gluten-free for no reason and thinking it is low –calorie.
  6. Avoid eating nuts.  Successful dieters get 30% of the daily calories from fat.
  7. Underestimating how much you have eaten:  If it isn’t on a plate, it doesn’t count. (I WISH!) Samples at the food court, Sam’s, Costco, BJs and Publix count!
  8. Drinking your calories: the over consumption of alcoholic beverages or other high calorie beverages such as fancy coffee drinks, juices, etc.
  9. Relying on pills/supplements/protein bars.
  10. Mindless and Emotional Eating – Don’t let your emotions rule you!
  11. Lack of consistency:  Taking the weekends off from your program, not always careful about portion sizes, not writing down/tracking everything you eat, drink, etc.
  12. Eating too fast. Slow down and savor each and every bite!  Eating too fast will often lead to overeating and indigestion!
  13. Not preparing to maintain a weight loss.  Losing the weight is only one part of the process; maintaining the loss is a whole other process.  Prepare for it!  This is harder than losing the weight!
  14. Have a Vitamin D and/or Calcium deficiency – It is believed that these preserves our metabolism.
  15. Parking your vehicle close to stores and/or appoints.  Park further away and get in some extra steps and you might just avoid some extra door “dings” too!
  16. Not moving at least 30 minutes a day.  Being sedentary will lead to weight gain.  It is suggested that we move five-minute every hour if we have a desk job.  Many health problems have been tracked to sitting for long periods of time.
  17.  Thinking you can’t do it; if you think you can’t; you won’t!  Get your head set to succeed!
  18.  Negative self-talk.  Telling yourself you are dumb, stupid, lazy, fat, etc. all the time.  Talk like you are your best friend, because you are!
  19.  Thinking you will wake up one morning and be healthy without any effort. Healthy weight loss requires an effort.
  20. Talking about weight loss and never doing anything to change.

How to be successful? Do the opposite!

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