T-10 and Counting Down……. to Goal Weight

As of Saturday, May 28th, I am 7 lbs. from my goal.  This is getting extremely exciting!  I am trying to keep focused and pushing myself to keep moving forward.  Keeping momentum I feel is key to pushing to my goal.  After my goal is reached, then pushing to maintain will be my “push” to maintain my new healthy weight!  I have already started to think that I want to lose an additional 8 lbs. after I reach my goal.  I have a doughy middle so I feel the extra 8 lbs. won’t hurt to lose a bit more of my “middle.”

I have no idea how difficult it will be to maintain my goal so I might have to “tweak” things a bit to get to a good set point.  I know my whole mindset will need to change once I have lost all the weight and I am hoping that will be an easy shift for me; but I can see it potentially being a battle of the wills after having been in a weight loss mindset for a year and a half.

I have been keeping clothes a size smaller hanging on my closet doors as inspiration to keep going.  Nothing is hanging there now.  I can wear EVERYTHING I own, or it is too big.  This is a great feeling but I miss the “inspiration.”  A good idea might be after maintaining for a month would be to allow myself to purchase a new something (shoes, accessories, outfit, etc.) or maybe get a manicure or pedicure.

One thing I am seeing there is nothing easy at any stage of weight loss or maintaining weight.  It isn’t easy to lose weight but it is not easy to keep it off.  For once in my life, I think I am prepared to stay focused on maintaining my weight loss.  So much of weight loss is “mental” and that is where many fail, their minds are not really “set” to change and stay focused on the change.  Yes there will be temptations, yes there will be inconveniences, yes there are some tough choices to make but the end result is very worth it.  Feeling great and being healthier is priceless.  You cannot fix a dollar amount to being healthy.   Money cannot buy health!  Treasure your body/health it is where you live!

Choices 61

Excuses 31


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