Me and My Shadow

One thing I have always noticed when outside is my shadow.  It was fun to find your shadow and make it do all kinds of things.  I liked playing with my shadow as a child.  I recall the children’s song “Me and My Shadow, My Shadow and Me, We are always together, Happy as can be”  It is always fascinating to see the various shapes and sizes your shadow can be as it widens and lengthens with the position of the sun.

When you see your shadow as an adult and you realize that your shadow is very wide, distorted  and it has nothing to do with the angle of the sun.  It is the reflection of how your body looks and you realize that you are no longer height weight proportionate.  I grew to not like my shadow very much!  Seeing my shadow wasn’t fun anymore.  In fact, the last three years or so I do not recall seeing  or even looking for my shadow.

This summer, things are different.  I noticed my shadow about a month ago when I was out walking my dog one Sunday afternoon.  I noticed my shadow was no longer very wide, it looked almost thin.  Had to be the angle of the sun I thought!  I shrugged and continued on my walk.  About a week ago, I saw my shadow again.  It looked a little “thick” now that was more like the shadow I knew!   Just yesterday, I was out walking and saw my shadow again.  It was not wide at all!  It actually looked height and weight proportional no matter what angle I turned.  It is now fun to see my shadow again!  I think I smiled all the way back to my house on my walk yesterday.

I wouldn’t be liking my shadow again if it were not for having lost over 117 lbs following the Weight Watchers Plan.  I wouldn’t have been outside in 90 plus heat walking if I had not changed my lifestyle either!  It is fun to enjoy the little things in life again!

Without a shadow of doubt…very bad pun intended!

Shadow 1



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