Beginning Maintenance: A New Mental Challenge

After spending almost 18 months being totally focused on losing weight and getting healthy, you reach your goal and are now in the six week period called “maintenance.”  One minute you step on the scale thrilled at your loss and then in a flash you are thrust into the world of “lose no more” and “accept you are now a  healthy weight!”  Talk about a dynamic shift!

After 3 weeks, I am still trying to wrap my head around these things.  Along with this period of maintenance you are told “time to eat more.”  WHAT?????  Eat more??? My mind keeps saying eat less, eat less! War has been declared between my ears!

My first week on maintenance, I forgot to add back any points and found myself down 3.2 lbs at weigh in.  Ut oh!  The second week I added 2pp per day back to my daily allowance and found myself down yet again.  Here I am 4.8 pounds UNDER goal when I am not supposed to be losing anymore and I am supposed to be within 2 pounds of my goal! If you are within 2 pounds of your goal after six weeks you are awarded lifetime!  This is every Weight Watcher’s ultimate goal, to reach lifetime!

I see the wisdom in the six week maintenance period.  There are so many shifts, both physical and mental that you need to make during this time that six weeks gives you adequate time to try to make this transition gracefully.  The first two weeks I feel as graceful as a turtle balancing on a high wire over a pit of alligators!

This third week I am adding the rest of the six point total back to my daily point allowance.  This is so right but feels still so wrong!  I now have a 32 daily points plus allowance.  I find myself thinking the last time I had that many points a day, I still had 100 pounds to lose!  This can’t be right!

Right or wrong (and it is right!) I am almost half-way through maintenance and still have not hit my “balance” yet; but hoping things will be good at WI on Saturday 🙂


Weight Loss 7


One thought on “Beginning Maintenance: A New Mental Challenge

  1. gannonham says:

    I started Weight Watchers in January 2013 leading up to my April 2014 wedding. I am happy to report that I have lost 35lbs and am working hard at maintaining my new weight. Now that the wedding is over, I’m less inspired, but I keep reminding myself that I want to be healthy. I also remind myself of how hard I worked to take it off. To keep things interesting and to keep me inspired, I have started my own blog:
    I try to post mostly WW-friendly recipes, but sometimes a few bad ones sneak in there 🙂
    I achieved lifetime status in August 2013 and am approaching my one year anniversary … whoohooo! Hang in there, it gets easier!!


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