Lifetime: The First Official Lifetime Weigh In

Tomorrow (Saturday) is my first “official” weigh in as a Weight Watcher’s Lifetime Member.  I am approaching it with mixed feelings.  I am excited about it but yet there is an air of “uncertainty” about it too.  I am not clear positive from where the uncertainty is coming.   It isn’t from going off plan; I have been tracking, measuring and doing all the right things.  I hear so many Lifetimers have such angst over their monthly weigh-ins and it must be rubbing off.  I was faithful in tracking, getting in my GHG’s, having at least 30 minutes of movement a day so, I should have nothing to fear, right?  Or should I?

Our bodies have minds of their own sometimes and no matter how “good” and “strict” we are, the scale doesn’t reward us with good news!  I will update this after my weigh in tomorrow to let everyone know how it went.

I weighed in yesterday and was down 1.2 lbs. and under goal!  My weight loss total to date is now 120.2 lbs.  I have lost an additional 5.4 lbs. since I reached my goal on July 5th.

Rules to live by 2

Self Appreciation 6


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