What a Difference a Year Makes!! (12/01/13-12/01/14)

This time last year I was finally barely able to squeeze into a size 12 pair of Levi’s and this year, I just purchased a new pair of Levi’s in a couple of sizes smaller which have a loose fit.  This time last year I was finally under 200 lbs. and pressing on toward my next 5 lb goal.   During the last year, December 1, 2013 to December 1, 2014  I have lost a total of 44.2 pounds, achieved my Weight Watchers Goal Weight, and earned Lifetime at Weight Watchers.  I have been at goal since July 6th and working on maintaining/protecting my weight loss ever since.

I didn’t protect my loss as well has I had hoped on a recent cruise vacation (12 days in November), I came home with an additional six pounds (according to my home scale). It took me a couple of weeks to work and get those extra pounds gone.  The positive side, I had planned and lost some “extra” pounds so that I could enjoy my vacation and not return over my goal weight.  Success!

I can report at my first weigh in since returning from vacation I was already down 4.4 lbs. and just 1.6 lbs. up over my Lifetime Official Weigh in for November!  And let’s have a big drum roll–still 5 pounds UNDER goal weight!  Big celebration time!  At my December 1st weigh in (my “official” December Weigh in), I was down another pound!  I have a net loss of .4 (4/10 tenths of a pound) between November and December and 7 pounds under goal!

I made a decision to lose an additional eight pounds since I have been feeling good and feel I have too much additional fat on my midsection.  After I lose the additional eight pounds, I will evaluate and determine if I need to lose anything additional.  If I do not feel good or feel it is too hard to maintain the additional weight loss, I will try to slowly re-gain the weight.  If I feel good and it isn’t too hard to maintain, I will drop my goal weight by five pounds.  This is one of my goals for 2015.  Many people have been telling me that I do not need to lose anything additional and how great I look but I think I still need to tweak my weight a little bit more.  I am sure I weigh more than anyone thinks I weigh as I am built very solid.  I had a doctor once tell me that I could easily “hide” 20 lbs. so I feel an additional 5-10 lbs. really won’t hurt my health or my physical appearance.

It certainly is a different mindset when on maintenance as contrasted the mindset you have when totally focused on trying to solely lose weight.  I find my mind now on a constant teeter totter, of a stream of questions ranging from:

  • Is this food worth it (the points)?
  • Is this food something that will help me maintain my weight loss?
  • Is this food something that I really want?
  • Does this food taste as good as I hoped?
  • Can I have just one bite and leave it alone?
  • Is this food going to be a trigger food?
  • Why do I want to eat this food?
  • Am I really hungry? thirsty? upset?

I think all of these questions are good, healthy and keep me focused.  On my recent cruise vacation I did not track but for the most part thought about what I was eating even though I knew it wasn’t the best choice, it might have been one of the few choices.  I did manage to get on average 8 activity points a day on my Active Link though! No elevators, I used the stairs and a morning mile walk and a mile walk after dinner too!

Since reaching my goal weight, I have been trying to give my skin extra moisture and tone up my muscles under the sagging/stretched out skin.  I am starting to see some improvement in my skin and the tone of my muscles.  It is my goal to maintain my weight loss for at least two years before I consider any type of surgery to deal with the excess skin.  The look of my arms and legs bother me with the crinkly/wrinkly sagging skin so I keep the out of public view for the most part!

As I approach the coming New Year, I think, where do I want to be this time next year?

My 2015 Personal Goals

  • Able to do a pull up/chin up
  • Learn how to jog/run a little maybe even do the Gasparilla 5K in February!
  • Maintain/Continue to be under my goal weight
  • Lower my goal weight by five pounds (or more if possible to maintain a lower weight)
  • Celebrate my one year anniversary at my goal weight(or under goal) at Weight Watchers
  • Celebrate one year as a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers
  • Work for Weight Watchers (on a part-time basis) and help others to obtain their goals.

I have learned to set obtainable goals!  No matter how small the goals are, the better and more easily you can feel successful!

Tomorrow is my birthday so I am happy to be able to say…Happy Birthday to me! (December 11th)  And YES, I am planning on having a slice of cake to celebrate!


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