Good Foods to Eat for Weight Loss Over Age 40

Good foods to eat for those over age 40 who are trying to lose excess weight:

 Hot Sauce – levels of insulin were lowered by as much as 32% after a spicy meal which can result in more fat-burning vs. eating non-spicy dishes.

Canned Salmon – (3 oz.) has lots of vitamin D and calcium and can help you keep a smaller waistline.

Cinnamon (1/2 teaspoon a day) – can lower damaging cholesterol (18%) and triglycerides (30%)

Walnuts (8-10 a day) – are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which can help to keep you feeling fuller longer.

Ground Flaxseed – rich in fiber and healthy fats can help stabilize blood sugar and ward off binges and help reduce the symptoms of hormone swings.

High Fiber Granola Bars (4g or more) – in a study it was found that those who eat a fiber-rich, high carbohydrate breakfast burn twice as much fat in workouts that are later in the day than those who consumed lower fiber foods for breakfast.


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