FIT Again: Year IV: The Stats

Having been through the FIT Program at the University of South Florida, now 4 times.  I thought it would be great to look back and see what improvements there have been.

In 2005, the first time I participated in the FIT Program I had just begun Weight Watchers for the second time and through the course of the program I lost:  29 lbs.

In 2007, the second time I participate in the FIT Program, it was just a few months after my father had passed away and I had gotten derailed on the weight loss effort.  I know at the end of the FIT program in 2007 I weighed 30 pounds more than I did when my dad was diagnosed in mid-March of that year.

In 2013, my third time participating in the FIT Program, I had been living the Weight Watchers Lifestyle for almost 9 months and dropped 12 pounds in the 8 week program.

In 2014, my fourth time participating in the FIT Program, I only varied about 1 pounds from the September weigh in.  I had reached my goal in July 2014 and had lost a few pounds after reaching my goal but had been learning how to maintain my weight.  When I weighed in for the final weigh in for the FIT program in 2014, I had only been home 3 days from at 9 night cruise which I had showed on my home scale a gain of six pounds.  The food wasn’t that good but my food choices were that limited and became increasingly poor over the course of the cruise. So I showed a weight gain of about one pound but within a week that was gone and a little more!  (As of 01/17/15, I weigh about 8.6 pounds less than I did at the last weigh in in November.)

 My Improvements in  the 8 week program:

This improvement was awesome to me!  My resting heart rate went from:  66 beats per minute to 60 beats per minute.

My body mass index decreased by:  -1.48%

My walking tests  went from 1 mile in 18 minutes and 4 seconds to 1 mile in 14 minutes and 40 seconds.

My sit and reach score improved from 17.5 inches to 21.75 inches.

My body composition fat percentage dropped by 16.45%

All of these improvements from being more active!  Movement does a body good!  Megan and Jordan did an awesome job coaching me through the program! I miss them a lot!  They will be graduating this May so I am looking forward to celebrating with them post-graduation!

The Bosu Ball Plank variation is what I mentioned in my newsletter and forgot to add the picture!

Trainers and Me 12032014dBosu Ball Plank

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