Your Weight Loss Mindset: What is it?

What is your mindset about weight loss?  

  • FIXED – “I’ve always been overweight and always gain my weight back and I am too old to lose weight and exercise.”  (unhealthy)
  • GROWTH- “I might not be 20 years old, but I can eat properly, nourish my body and become healthier and stronger physically.”  (healthy)

If you have already begun a lifestyle change to lose excess weight, how do you feel about it?

  • Hopeful… (maybe this time)?
  • Daunted… (can I really keep this up)?
  • Enthusiastic… (I’m enjoying this and feeling great)?
  • Deprived… (I can’t stand not eating what I want)?
  • Excited… (I can’t wait to go shopping)?
  • Fearful… (what if I try and it doesn’t work)?
  • Positive… (I’m doing well, I’m going to look great on holiday)?
  • Doomed… (I always do ok for the first few weeks then it all starts to fall apart)?
  • Something else…?

How do I know if I am ready to lose weight?

You can take this short quiz to find out.


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