Photographs: A Totally Different Perspective

I was recently asked to locate pictures of myself at my heaviest (I will explain later what the request is about) and my first response was “You know when you are overweight, you avoid the camera.”  The person chuckled and said, “I understand, but I know it might take some calls to friends and family but  I bet you can come up with some.”  I agreed and thought oh my who is going to have pictures of me at my highest weight!  I sent out the “call” for any pictures anyone had of me which were when I was much heavier.

I had a light bulb go on over my head.  In my guest room., the closet looks like a tiny storage unit.  Recently I cleaned it out and reorganized the boxes and even being organized, labeled each one of them.  Yay me!  The boxes of pictures were clearly labeled “pictures” and contain the artifacts from my life. I had to take out a whole roll of boxes to get to those pictures boxes which I was trying so hard to forget they existed!  The first box didn’t yield anything.  The second box, nothing. The third box, nothing yet.  But, the fourth box, I felt I hit the super awful picture jackpot!  I thought

I had managed to avoid cameras—- so I thought.  There were cameras I didn’t even try to avoid.  The very graphic evidence from many wonderful Carnival Cruises was now staring me in the face.  It was different now looking at those pictures.  I WANTED to find BAD pictures and really unflattering of myself! I almost squealed in delight upon each new discovery of the awful pictures!  The photographs seem to get worse than the previous one and as they did, the more I giggled!

STOP THE PRESSES!  I was giggling and excited over bad awful unflattering pictures of myself that I had hidden away in storage boxes in a guest room closet!  Who was this person!??  It couldn’t be me giggling at these relics of horror!

What a difference weight loss and a new perspective can make!  When these pictures were taken I was mortified at seeing them, and quietly hid them from view.  Now they have become cherished reminders of how far I have been blessed to come!

To be continued. (I will share the purpose of this search and the found pictures at a later time).


Attitude Adjustment

It seems I need one of these “attitude adjustments” now and again.  I bet we all do!  We all get complacent and need a “shake up” now and again to keep things fresh and keep life fun and interesting!

Accentuate the Positive

How we choose to look at something can make or break what we are trying to accomplish.  It is so easy to focus only on the negative in any situation.  It has taken me a lot of practice to try to learn to see the positive side of things but I know this has helped me to be happier in my every day life as well.  Nothing seems as negative as it was before.  Anything is possible now! Very common to feel good about a day no matter how icky some of the moments might have been!

Attitude in Weight Loss

In my weight loss journey I have had to focus on what I CAN do not on what I can’t do.  This has helped to keep me motivated and moving forward, even though at times it was very slow forward motion! In weight loss, you must have many ways to measure success beside the scale.  For example: how your clothes fit, how you feel, measurements, your good food choices, and your physical activities are measures of success.  Even the compliments you receive from others validate your success!

If you do not think you can, you are right, you won’t!  So many times I see people constantly set themselves up for failure from the first minute they try to lead a healthier lifestyle.  “I tried this before and it didn’t work.”  “I don’t like this.”  “I feel too restricted.”  Again, focus on what you can do.  You can make a great snack choice and then build on that success.  A great dinner choice, a great lunch choice and before you know it, you have a whole successful day! Keep building!

Attitude in Physical Activity

The biggest attitude I have to give myself is over physical activity.  I know I need it.  I even love it! BUT!!!! So many times I try to make excuses to not do it.  “I don’t have enough time.”  “I am too tired.”  “I don’t feel like it.”  “I am too busy.”  “It’s too late.”  “It’s too early.”  Guess what?  If you tell yourself those things, you will not do what you need to do.  I try to keep saying “Do it anyway!” Most of the time that works. But not always.

Attitude in Health

I have noticed  through the years, that people who talk about their ailments and pains a lot are usually not be healthy even though there isn’t anything physical keeping them from doing most daily activities.   If you tell yourself enough you don’t feel well, you won’t feel well!  Thinking positive thoughts first thing in the morning will set the tone for the entire day.  Tell yourself it is going to be a great day and you will find something positive in everything no matter what happens that day!

Don’t wait, adjust your attitude today!


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Weights & Balances (Year 2 Issue 44) April 1, 2015

April 1 2015