Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale – Part 5 (Week 1 Summary)


This week has presented some challenges and some victories.  I am not sure what to expect on the scale in the morning though.  I stayed within my daily points, didn’t use any weekly points and I earned 49 FitPoints this week.  Everyone has commented how easy it is to earn FitPoints and I found my FitPoints to be almost equal to what they were on the PointsPlus Program with only one exception.  My daily walking seems to be about the same points wise.   I manually enter my fitness data into the website I do not use a fitness monitor at this time.  I know those with fitness monitors are reporting very high FitPoint numbers.

My week started off with my Sunday morning breakfast having to change due to the increased amount of points of the Special K Chocolate infused cereals.  I can see maybe mixing the Special K with Cheerios or Rice Krispies to extend the bulk and spread the points out a bit better.

Monday was fairly routine with my weekly stop at Chick Fil A.  My chicken biscuit on a regular non toasted non buttered bun had gone down one point YAY!  I was surprised to see that my normal 2 hard-boiled eggs which had been 4pp were mysteriously now 5sp BUT yet 2 eggs were 4sp.  I think that is a mistake and was advised to use the 4sp for two eggs.

Tuesday was the first morning to fix my oatmeal and I already knew I was going to have to stop putting the one ounce of raisins in my oatmeal.   I have used frozen cherries and mixed berries and that has been very good.  I had a lunch at a local Greek restaurant with coworkers. I chose chicken kabob and roasted vegetables, very tasty!  I also had a piece of their bread with some Tzatziki sauce and a wedge of lavash bread.  I took half of my food home.

Wednesday was routine and nothing surprising other than I noticed my FitPoints were mirroring my old Activity Points and didn’t seem to be inflated as others.  I started wondering if the difference was manual entry vs fitness monitor and that seems to be the case.  It would appear the fitness monitors are not as accurate as many believe.

Thursday was fairly routine as well.  I ate the other half of my leftover Tuesday lunch for Wednesday dinner. I earned 15 FitPoints yay me!

Today was the last Friday at work before Christmas and the office was invited to our Dean’s house for lunch for homemade Cuban food.  I planned out my strategy for lunch and pre-tracked what I thought I was going to have and in what serving sizes.  Yes I would use most of my daily points but it was going to be worth it.  I reviewed my tracker when I got back to the office and found I had  over-estimated several items on portion size and had points left for the evening! Yay!

Week Ending Thought
I would say I would get a 95 on a scale of 100 for following the plan this week but I am not sure what I will see on  the scale as this with the week that my hormones reap havoc with my body and the scale.  I know it kept me reaching for candy earlier this week!

I was up one pound today.  I wasn’t shocked with the week of birthday celebration with cake, Greek Food, Cuban Food just yesterday, monthly hormones, lack of water and my earlier in the week wrestling with the hard candy jar.  In fact, I am thrilled I was up ONLY one pound!

1. Drink more water, every day all day! (I am a purist about this one.  I know Weight Watchers let you count other beverages toward your liquid consumption but having had kidney issues growing up, I know about the proper functioning of the kidneys and what makes them work more efficiently, water just plain old water, not coffee, not tea, not soda, not anything but water with a slice of lemon for zest!)
2. Be more active.  Push for two walks a day and the gym 3 times this week. Try a new “Sunday” breakfast instead of dry cereal.
3. Try a new recipe (I made salmon patties for the first time in ages today for dinner.  They were good but I know I can “tweak” the recipe a little to make the more tasty! 4 patties were 8 SmartPoints, not bad at all!
4. Enjoy  Christmas Dinner within reason and drink lots of water since my next weigh in is the very next day! I will be eating ham which I love and we know is high in sodium.  I will have a reasonable portion! Yes I will! (programming my head for success! LOL)
5. Faithful tracking and measuring my portions. 

Do I wish I had a loss this past week? Yes I do!  BUT I have learned with your body and weight loss you don’t always get what you expect and sometimes for me, the work I do this week might not show for 2-3 weeks.  The old phrase “stay the course” is the best plan of action!  One poor choice or one bad eating day is no reason to toss in the towel and give up nor is not getting what you expect any reason to give up as well.  Your body might fight you but you have to persevere and know that sooner or later (often later) your efforts will pay off.

Celebrate 2


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