Back in the Classroom- Q and A

I was asked to speak for a Graduate Exercise Science Class on Behavioral Theories.  I presented my weight loss journey, recent Breast Cancer experience and made several observations about my journey and then opened the floor for questions.

There were several good questions:

Q. What was an ‘aha’ moment that I had or something that stuck with me.

A.  Whatever you do to lose the weight, you have to do to maintain the loss.  I did  not begin to exercise until I had lost  around 16 pounds.  Walking is something I  can do everyday whereas getting to the gym, or doing some extreme workout, isn’t maintainable for the rest of my life.

Q. When did I first enter a gym after beginning my weight loss journey?

A. I was about 9 months into my journey before I went into the gym via the USF FIT Program.  I had lost almost 60 pounds by this time. (58.6) So I lost almost half my weight without going to a gym.

Q. Is it really true when you are Lifetime at Weight Watchers you don’t have to pay them, how does that work?

A.  Yes it is true.  If you do not exceed your goal weight by more than two pounds and you stay free!  This is another great motivation to reach and maintain your goal weight!  You can attend meetings and get the constant inspiration and motivation which comes from the members at the meetings.

Q. What about the psychological side of the weight loss, how often do I weigh myself after reaching goal?

A. I weigh myself on Friday nights before my official Weight Watchers Weigh in on Saturday mornings.  This gives me a “peek” of what I can expect in the morning  at the weigh in.  In the past,  I got obsessed with the number on the scale and weighed myself sometimes twice a day.  I learned to “let that go”  and trying to reach peace with the scale and its numbers.

In November I spoke for an Undergraduate Exercise Science class too.  The Undergraduate class was a lot of fun and their questions were very good too!

Having been in front of a classroom twice in a month, it made me really miss teaching.  So much that I re-applied to work for Weight Watchers as a leader and/or receptionist.  About 27 years ago, I taught Junior High Science in a private school here in Tampa.  I loved teaching!  I loved the students and had so much fun teaching the three levels of science.  Yes, I am a science nerd/geek at heart.  That is why I love my three “r’s”:  reading, research and writing (which I love to do!) come very natural to me.

My first classroom experience was when I was a senior in high school.  I was asked to go go to a Catholic Elementary School and teach the 5th graders, basic Spanish.  I had a lot of fun doing that!  My next classroom experience came when I was a sophomore in college here in Tampa.  The college’s associated school needed someone to teach art to the students.  I taught art to grades Kindergarten to 9th grade.  Another great experience.  And who would have thought that just six years later I would be back teaching Junior High Science, Geography and Spanish at the same school!

Now, I hope I get to use my past experience to become a Weight Watchers Leader (part-time) and be the best leader I can be!

Weights and Balances (Year 3 Issue 33) January 13, 2016

January 13 2016c