March 10, 2016 – Thursday

This might not be the first of the month but it a time of some great “firsts!”  Today was the first day I could walk my dog in a short sleeved tee shirt and no jacket and not be too cold!  Today was the first day I had to spray myself down with Mosquito repellant. My car is lightly dusted with oak pollen and spring is in the air, ACHOOO!  I live in the best place in the world (in my opinion) and though this isn’t a great time of the year for my allergies, I love living here in Florida!  The weather is pristine right now!  I do not like being cold so I have looked very forward to this awesome weather!  Just pardon my red watery eyes, and red puffy running nose.

Last night I rummaged around in the cabinets to find that elusive tube of fake a bake.  I pulled out my sunless tanning cream and slathered it on for the first time in many months.  The slow build of a good “tan” has begun!  Next I have to start pulling out the shorts and getting ready for this hugging warm weather!

Last night the biggest “first” of all, I got a message from a friend on Facebook  and it said “I joined WW!”   She shared her first week’s success with me!  She is off to an amazing start her first week too! I love hearing about other’s success it is inspiring to me too!

She asked me for some pointers and suggestions and I shared the following with her.

  • Do not overwhelm yourself, one small change at a time.
  • Focus on health, not how you look.
  • Slow and steady healthy weight loss is best.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat lots of zero point snacks to keep you throughout the day.
  • Focus on small attainable goals, such as five pounds at a time.
  • Change up your workouts with lots of different activities, keep it fun!
  • No matter how bad the choice is, track it, own it and move on~
  • We all make bad choices from time to time just don’t live there.
  • Planned indulgences are a must.

I am looking forward to seeing all her new “firsts” too!

This nice warmer weather is putting a spring in my step and a bigger smile on my face.  Nothing like a soft gentle warm breeze caressing your skin as you walk in the bright clear sunshine!  I must have spring fever! AACHOOOOOO! Yes, it is spring again. Gotta love it!


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