A Healthy Habit: Quieting Your Mind

It is so easy to get caught up into the latest exercise fad or diet fad.  In our fast paced word we have to work at quieting our mind.  This is a great habit to learn as your mind has to be healthy as your body.

  • Healthy people know that a thought is just a thought, and a feeling is just a feeling.

Feelings come and go and they do not allow them to define them as a person. It’s easy to get carried away you’re your emotions, such as anger or frustration.  Healthy people know how to step back and simply observe their feelings without giving them power over their lives; they detach!  Healthy people understand that even when they can’t control how they feel; they can always control how they react to how they feel.

  • It’s hard to have peace of mind when you’re surrounded by chaos.

Chaos can come in many forms from a disorganized office/kitchen/home or things happening around you.  Keeping your home and world life organized and on point is paramount to maintaining your ability to enjoy anything else. Don’t always multi-task.  Allow your mind to focus on whatever is at hand at the moment. Keep a list of things to do but do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed by it.  Mark things off as you accomplish them. Your days should make you feel productive, accomplished and mindful. Relaxation is like a reset button for your mind and life. It seems in today’s world that people are constantly on the go and thinking about the next thing. A departure, even a short one, from the whirlwind that is normal life gives us a glance at things from a distant perspective gives our mind a quick respite. Understanding that there is a bigger picture to your life can help you feel that you have a fresh start to your life.

  • Always remember that health isn’t just in the muscles you’re made of, a healthy meal or the workout of the day.

Health is a positive culmination of all that is you. Caring for your body is just one piece of the puzzle in achieving not only health but also happiness. So remember that caring for your brain, body and soul are what make you a success in practicing healthy habits!  Here are more common healthy habits that healthy people have in common.  How many do you have?

The Strong4Life Healthy Habits Are:

  • Make 1/2 Your Plate Veggies and Fruits
  • Be Active for 60 Minutes
  • Drink More Water and Limit Sugary Drinks
  • Limit Screen Time to One Hour

According to the National Weight Control Registry, of adults who have successfully maintained their weight loss:

  • 98% have modified their eating habits.
  • 94% have increased their level of physical activity, especially walking.
  • 78% eat a healthy breakfast every day.
  • 75% weigh themselves at least once a week.
  • 62% watch less than 10 hours of television per week.

Cultivating healthy habits is a step toward gaining greater personal health. Start small. Pick one healthy habit and cultivate it for 30 days. See how you do. Once you feel you have that first healthy habit down, move on to add another healthy habit. One healthy habit often “breeds” another healthy habit. Such as, you begin walking 30 minutes a day and you might naturally find you are drinking more water and are spending less time in front of a television or computer screen!

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