Reflections: Looking back to look forward

This time last year I was very excited as I anticipated my trip to the Big Apple and my appearance on the Today Show with Joy Bauer and the Joy Fit Club. I was very careful with everything I ate as I didn’t want to gain an ounce before going to NYC and I doubled and tripled up my walking.  I wanted to lose a little more before I arrived.  In fact, I was so close to losing half my body weight and I so wanted to be able to say that on National Television it kept me motivated, focused and driven to reach that goal.   Which I did reach!

I need to harness that same motivation, focus and drive now lose a few pounds before a two-week vacation later in the year.  I want that “wiggle room” to enjoy the trip.  I am finding since the weather has become more spring/summer-like here in Florida it is far easier to focus on getting outside and being more active.

I have set some goals for myself to accomplish prior to Thanksgiving this year regarding weight loss.  Ten pounds.  That doesn’t sound like much but when you have been basically maintaining for almost two years, it sounds HUGE!  I have been working for six months plus to lose the six pounds I gained in November while on vacation.  I had to admit I didn’t have the focus until the two months, now I feel more focused and ready to finish off that goal (just .4 from hitting that as of last week) and push forward to my next goal!

Weight seems to come off much slower now than it did when I was overweight but that is logical as my body is “normal” now and to get back into the “losing zone” takes more than it did before.  When you have a lot to lose it seems easy to set your mind and enact your plan than it does now, at least it feels that way to me.  At his stage, your head truly is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

Back in December, Weight Watchers changed from Points Plus to Smart Points and I wasn’t able to wrap my head around this change until in early March.  I even continued to only eat 26 points a day feeling that if I ate 30, I was eating too much food and could not lose.  Guess what?  When I was eating the 26 points, I wasn’t losing at all.  That was another factor that made it difficult to lose the six pounds from last November’s vacation.  Now I feel I have embraced the new program and eat the 30 daily points and some weekly points now I have seen the scale move in the right direction.  And this success has made me feel that losing a few extra pounds is finally possible!  Everyone kept saying “trust the program” but it was so hard to let go of the “old” and embrace the “new” but I seeing results!

Another “head” thing was that on points plus, about once a month I would purchase a single slice of cake from the local Publix bakery and indulge and lost over 130 pounds while doing this monthly indulgence.  Now, on Smart Points, I have felt that I literally could not have my cake and eat it too! But in the last couple of weeks, I have seen evidence, I can still do this and continue to lose! BIG WIN!  I have also started embracing that a 4 point snack is NOT horrible.  In the old program, I would see a snack as 2 points.  My mind has been restricting me but now I feel it is finally free of most of those old thoughts!

Now if I can stay out of my “old” head and keep in my “new” head, things will work out just fine and I will lose that extra ten fairly easily!

Head Games 1





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