Chart on the Benefits of Walking

This chart was compiled using many online sources of information and putting them into one handy chart.  Need a reason or two to get up and start moving?  The health benefits of walking should encourage you to get up and get out there!

June 22 2016 Chart Supplement

Weights and Balances (Year 4 Issue 2) June 8, 2016

June 8 2016

Out of My Comfort Zone

I have debated about putting this “out there” but I know there is something to be said for writing out something and publishing it as it gives you another level of accountability.  Personal accountability is a big part of the success of any weight loss journey.   I want continued success for sure!

I have made myself sit and write for at least an hour each night after I get off from work before bedtime and on the weekends.  This has helped me to gain new insight to the topics for my newsletter and blog.  I have mapped out the topics (tentatively) for this whole calendar year, drafted articles over a month ahead and drum roll please–I have produced an outline, diagram and drafted an abstract for the book I have been wanting to write for the last couple of years!

Working at  a large university, I have been blessed to become friends with faculty members who have expertise in writing,  research and publishing.  It feels good to have gotten started on something I have thought about for the last two years and did some basic ground work over a year ago and then dropped the ball!  The ball is back up and being juggled and with the assistance of my faculty friends there is a new level of accountability which has been added to the process.

The book abstract is at this time a rambling jumbled mess (my opinion) but I have been working on it a little each day cleaning up sentences, paragraphs, editing, etc. and it is starting to feel less muddled and seems to be taking some shape.  I was reminded that it takes only one good book to be published and sells that would enable me to not have to work for the rest of my life.  That sounds amazing!  I would love to be able to research, write and yes travel full-time!

Every writer has since the beginning has started with an idea and one word on a blank page.  I am feeling energized now that I have begun and looking forward to continued energy, inspiration and more words (work)!

writing 7






Beginning My 4th Year…

As of June 1, 2016, I have begun my fourth year of writing a weekly newsletter “Weights and Balances” which is focused on weight loss and good health.  To date, that means I have written 156 articles on various weight loss and health-related topics! (not including blog articles)  The newsletter has been a great learning tool for me and for my readers.  I can’t believe all the reading I have done about various health concerns and weight loss topics and all the information I have learned. This has helped me to understand my personal journey a bit more clearly too.

I have received many positive emails through the last three years about the information I have been sharing and how it has helped them in some way.  Those emails and comments make my day/week/month!  THANK YOU!

Recently my reading and research has been focused on learning about the overconsumption of sugar, its effects on our bodies and metabolic issues.  This research has been eye-opening to say the least!   I cannot believe the wealth of information out there on sugar and it’s effects!  What started out to be one article easily turned into SEVEN! I have written the first five articles  and have written the last one, so just one more to go!  I now better understand why Weight Watchers has heavily pointed foods with sugars in them; but in my opinion, they need to take it one step further and more heavily weight added sugars!

This last year I have brought greater organization and planning to my list of article topics.  I am currently in the process of writing a series of  articles on sugar.  To date there are seven articles in the series and I have listed them below along with their tentative titles and publication dates in parentheses.

The History of Sugar:
Part 1 : How Sweet it is NOT! (June 15th)
Part 2:  White Gold, the Explorers and the New World (June 29th)
Sugar Addiction:  
Part 1:  The Basic Information (July 6th)
Part 2:  Overcoming Sugar Addiction (July 13th)
Sugar: Sweet and Innocent or Toxic and Deadly? (July 27th)
Sugar: Cancer’s Food (August 31st)
Sugar:  Natural or Refined, What’s the Difference? (October 26th)

During this fourth year, I will celebrate my second year of being at or below my Weight Watchers goal weight! YAY ME!  I do not recall my weight EVER being as stable as it has been these last two years! I recall losing the weight in one year and almost a year later I would have regained all the weight I had lost and then some!

I am looking forward to sharing more information, more success stories, more updates and more personal struggles and successes with you my readers.  Thank you for reading my newsletters and my blogs!  Topic suggestions for my newsletter and blog are always welcome!

Happy Anniversary 1