Out of My Comfort Zone

I have debated about putting this “out there” but I know there is something to be said for writing out something and publishing it as it gives you another level of accountability.  Personal accountability is a big part of the success of any weight loss journey.   I want continued success for sure!

I have made myself sit and write for at least an hour each night after I get off from work before bedtime and on the weekends.  This has helped me to gain new insight to the topics for my newsletter and blog.  I have mapped out the topics (tentatively) for this whole calendar year, drafted articles over a month ahead and drum roll please–I have produced an outline, diagram and drafted an abstract for the book I have been wanting to write for the last couple of years!

Working at  a large university, I have been blessed to become friends with faculty members who have expertise in writing,  research and publishing.  It feels good to have gotten started on something I have thought about for the last two years and did some basic ground work over a year ago and then dropped the ball!  The ball is back up and being juggled and with the assistance of my faculty friends there is a new level of accountability which has been added to the process.

The book abstract is at this time a rambling jumbled mess (my opinion) but I have been working on it a little each day cleaning up sentences, paragraphs, editing, etc. and it is starting to feel less muddled and seems to be taking some shape.  I was reminded that it takes only one good book to be published and sells that would enable me to not have to work for the rest of my life.  That sounds amazing!  I would love to be able to research, write and yes travel full-time!

Every writer has since the beginning has started with an idea and one word on a blank page.  I am feeling energized now that I have begun and looking forward to continued energy, inspiration and more words (work)!

writing 7







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