Page TOO: Update: Lora Crider, Tampa, FL

PAGE TOO July 2016

Quiet Quality Staff Awards

Quiet Quality Staff Awards 2016 – July 7, 2016 Left- President of USF Dr. Judy Genshaft, Right, Lora Crider



2 thoughts on “Page TOO: Update: Lora Crider, Tampa, FL

  1. Lori, I commend all your hard work and SUCCESS. I do question, however, your use of the scale as a measure of success. We can do all sorts of crazy things to get the scale to register a desired number. The goal (and focus,) however, should be on a LIFESTYLE that promotes quality HEALTH. This is important because it provides a LIFETIME MISSION. The number on a scale is only a moment in time. This moment is not enough to define good health or happiness. Dedicating one’s efforts to a lifestyle and learning to appreciate ALL the components necessary to achieving this goal creates a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness. Achieving a BALANCED healthy lifestyle will RESULT IN a healthier weight and greater ability to live the quality of life a person chooses. It also removes FOOD from the DAILY spotlight making it just another component in a healthy lifestyle. This helps to reduce the stress related to food as well.


  2. Lora Crider says:

    Part of the Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership is to weigh in once a month for an official weigh in. I do find myself battling about the number inside my head a lot over the last year but I do want to maintain my Free Lifetime Membership at Weight Watchers. Trying to remember that is only ONE indicator of success, health, how the clothes fit and how are feel are other indicators as well.


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