Chapter 1: Joining an Online Dating Site

I took it on myself to join an online dating site this past week and the first  few hours I received an overwhelming number of messages.  At first flattering, then it became flat out overwhelming.

In the past way past, when I attempted this previously, I found online dating overall to be a cesspool of people looking for one night stands.  There was an endless chain of seedy men wanting to “date” you (that is what they called it) and I called it something else entirely.

The online dating sites have not changed much in ten years.  Most are there for something really “fast” and not real.  There are gems to be had, but you have to dig for them and sift through many “noisy” messages.  I try to be polite and respond to all messages but the first 24 hours was plain exhausting.  But three men stood out and impressed me and I felt I needed to take time to know more about them.

The first messaged me and when I read his profile he was intelligent, professional and appeared to want some of the same things I did.   I was impressed.  Another man though not professional seemed real and genuine so yeah another man I felt I needed to communicate with.  And there was a third that I took it on myself to contact him.  He seems nice and worth knowing.

The first man who had messaged me very interesting and he seemed very grounded and really looking for a real relationship.  In corresponding with him I found out he knows how to talk the talk but not walk the walk in a little over 24 hours.  STRIKE ONE. Next!


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