2016 My Year in Review:  My Top Ten Personal Lessons/Observations

Looking back over 2016, I see many good things and a few great things.  I am looking forward to what 2017 will bring.

  1. Maintained my weight within a four-pound range.
    • This is a victory but something I want to change for the New Year. I want to end 2017 at least 10 pounds less than I began the year.
    • Before Weight Watchers it would not be uncommon to have gained 20+ or more during the year. The year my dad passed away, I gained 31 pounds I was devastated but did not do anything about it.  I added more than 50 pounds to that 31 pounds over the next 6 years before I changed my lifestyle.
  2. Found out more about my inner strength.
    • When you are under pressure, that is when you really discover a lot about yourself. When I was in the hospital back in the summer, I found out that I could take a lot more than I thought possible without letting it ruin my attitude.
    • Also found out that when you are in the hospital it is good to have your mom there no matter what your age!
    • Changed supervisors again this year but was blessed to get another great supervisor after another great one who went on to bigger and better things. (I suspect this one will do the same soon too, she is great too!)
  3. Began writing my book.
    • I found time to begin giving my book some shape, I wrote both and outline and an abstract.
    • In 2017 I will make more progress toward a finished product!
  4. Learned more about the big picture vs the current discouragement at hand.
    • Suffered a major disappointment in my career but found ways to work around it learn from it. When you are disappointed in things in the present, it is a good learning experience to look at the bigger picture and put things in perspective.
    • When disappointed with people’s actions, I need to focus on my actions and step back from the moment before reacting. A delayed thoughtful response is better than no response or a rash response.
  5. Saw people’s actions that were sad and hard to witness.
    • This year I saw many people who I thought were intelligent thoughtful people became divisive, uncaring and mean-spirited toward others.
    • The sadness of seeing in the year so many people’s lives taken by others who were evil and filled with hate.
  6. Discovered happiness and satisfaction in my job again.
    • After suffering a setback in my career path, the changes that followed allowed me to find joy in my position again. I felt my creativity was once again welcomed and appreciated and I wanted to help and assist again just because I could.
  7. Learned some new computer software programs.
    • Taught myself a couple of new software products which will enable me to do some new projects in better ways such as: Dreamweaver 2016, Illustrator 2016, and PowerPoint 2016.
    • It was great that I was able to learn some new tricks and features of programs that I already knew that made it easier to do some things.
  1. Found great bargains in clothing.
    • I came to accept my love of shopping, and the high gotten from the “hunt.”
    • The best feelings come from when I find something I know someone else will like and can get it for them.
    • Because of the many great bargains, I had to get creative about using my spaces in more efficient ways and reconfiguring my budget.
  2. Stepped and forced out of my comfort zone on several occasions.
    • After nine years I decided to move to another studio for lessons in the New Year.
    • Joined an online dating site. I had not done any online dating in at least ten years.  What an experience that has been so far!  I could write a book about it already.  I learned that I have changed a lot since I did the online dating but most men have not changed at all.
    • Did I mention learning new computer software? Very uncomfortable at first but after some practice things have gotten easier and easier.
  3. Found that life goes on inside a hospital.
    • I had my first hospital stay in 50 years which also meant I had my first ever CT, MRI and hospital based procedures of the ERCP and Gallbladder Surgery
    • I learned that NPO isn’t any fun and your smart phone is a great distraction during these times!
    • I learned that an IV stand isn’t a good dance partner nor a good bathroom companion.
    • Found the 7-day hospital stay was not as traumatic as I thought it would be with a “rude” beginning in the emergency room.
    • Kept my phone charged and in touch with work and others via my smart phone and that made the time pass faster and they have movies on demand on the television too.
    • My mom stayed with me for 5 of the 7 days, she is amazing!
    • Tampa General Hospital, the nurses and doctors are all awesome!
    • Thought I was a bit uncomfortable at times the emergency room at Tampa General Hospital was not as horrible as I remember ERs being in the past when I was there with friends.
    • I learned there are people you can depend on when things are not going well who were great surprises!
    • Found out that I can handle general anesthesia and come out joking and feeling find. I was nervous about having General Anesthesia but luckily the two times I had it in three days, I responded well.

Overall, it was a good year and a year of adjustments, but I am looking forward to the New Year with new goals and challenges!


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