CHAPTER 4: “I would like to see you again”-What does this really mean in the online dating world?

Dear Universe,

I have met five men to date.  What puzzles me is that there were specific people who said they would like to see me again but there has been no move toward that.  Were they just being polite?  Is the ‘new’ “I will call you” and the call never comes is  now  the “I would like to see you again?”   I posed this question to a couple of the men I have met and one said he didn’t know, politeness perhaps, and the other said that many men just really want to serial date.  One followed it up with it takes time to meet the right one. I thought some of the 5 were worth having a second date, but apparently they did not feel the same way.

Maybe I am impatient? DUH You think so?!  I know so!  I HATE dating!  Did I use the word HATE, maybe LOATHE would be better.  LOL  I want to get to the fun side of dating as I hate this “first impressions” phase of dating.  I yearn for the comfortable fun side of familiarity.  Is that too much to ask?  This early it sure is!  I guess I am going through dating “growing pains” of sorts.  I just read that this is a very common experience in dating.  Having been out of the dating world for so long, I guess I forgot this one.  I do know me asking the guys out is a big ‘no no’ at this early stage. That is advice I will definitely follow!

I have noticed that with each meeting I seemed to find myself feeling more and more relaxed.  None of the meetings on my side have been stressful or caused me anxiety but I have noticed I feel I have a more relaxed approach with each passing meeting.  One thing I will note is that I laughed a lot with the fifth guy at our first meeting than I recall laughing at the other first meetings.  I think that is a good sign.

In my next installment, I will talk about each my first meetings and offer some first meeting tips.




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