Moving: Blessings and Cursings

We see all those ads with lower interest mortgage rates and those houses that have that something “extra” we are missing in our current dwelling and we get the “bug” to buy, sell and move.   Sometimes moves are very well thought out and strategic, sometimes our jobs require it, and sometimes we just want to do it.

Not having moved in seventeen and a half years.  I saw what a mixed blessing moving is.  While fun and exciting on one hand it is dreadful and miserable on the other hand.  The fun part is living in  new space and finding new places for everything.  The miserable part is living in a new space and finding new places for everything!

For the past few weeks I have been almost obsessed with trying to find two items that I could not seem to find after the move.  The first one was a crystal compote which was a gift from a friend.  This past weekend I managed to find the crystal compote packed inside a box that was totally unrelated so I must have packed it very out of sequence with my packing. What a relief!

But the earrings are still evading me or are they?  I was so shocked when I unpacked that the earrings were not with in the same box with the necklace and the necklace, bracelet and a coordinating necklace with earrings.  Why would I have separated them from the set?  It did not make any sense but I have been looking for those earrings since mid-June.  I went online today to find a picture of the earrings but much to my shock, there was no picture!  The earrings I thought existed do not exist so what does that mean?  Two things, I did not lose any earrings and can stop searching for them.  Secondly, it means the move is driving me nuts.  Too much stuff, too many boxes, no place to put things!  Moan!

This past weekend I once again re-arranged and went through boxes in the garage.  Hint:  A garage in Florida July heat is a VERY HOT place to be!  But oddly my dog Sunny, the goofy yellow Labrador Retriever LOVES the garage! Well I say she is fascinated and almost obsessed with the garage or any garage it seems!  Shaking my head! Since she is a rescue and I do not know her background but she loves everyone’s garage and thinks if the doors are open she SHOULD get to go in.  Got to love our goofy dogs.  Got to love the garage even thought it has too many boxes in it.  Cannot wait to be able to park my car inside and cannot wait for the community yard/garage sale to hopefully find new homes for many things I have no room/no use for any longer! And so the summer goes…unpacking one box at a time, feeling overwhelmed and melting in the Florida humidity…(insert big WHINE here)…just kidding, sort of…

The upside is packing and unpacking boxes gives me steps on my activity tracker.

Man covered in cardboard boxes - moving concept




2 thoughts on “Moving: Blessings and Cursings

  1. Daisey Helf says:

    You’re blessed with capacity to write fantastic web content, it’s brightens my day, thanks!


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