Weight Watchers Freestyle – Day 5

To say this program feels different is a true statement!  It is not a bad feeling just different!

I brought my  normal healthy snacks to work and healthy lunches but the leftovers from Tuesday “called my name.”  I tracked everything but it seemed like a losing battle today when it came to the chips and salsa.

The “not having to track zero foods” is not working for me.  I am used to tracking EVERYTHING so I have to really make an effort to keep on tracking.  I am starting to wonder if this is really going to work.  I guess I am being skeptical but it seems at times “too good to be true!”

I know Saturday morning will tell the “tale” of how this first week went for me but I am not expecting much as this is my typical week of the month that my weigh ins are not very good.  Dare I say hormones!?  And that explains my wrestling match with the chips and salsa as well.  DUH!

I keep chanting to myself just because it is zero points does not make it calorie free!  Calories are still adding up and too many calories will not make for good results on the scale!



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