Weight Watchers Freestyle – Day 3

Today is day 3 of the Weight Watchers Freestyle program for me.  It will be an interesting day as it is my birthday and I am having a slice (half a slice) of chocolate cake!

I had two hard boiled eggs and 14 Blue Diamond Low Salted Almonds plus a cup of diet cocoa for breakfast.  A very protein rich breakfast and only 3sp!

For lunch I had a ham sandwich (5sp) and a bag of popped barbeque chips (2sp). This was my lunch and I topped it off with a 2sp SF Chocolate Pudding so 9sp for lunch! This still leaves me 11sp for dinner and cake.  But the half a slice of cake will be 10sp, so what do I do? I use the points I rolled over the last two days and one weekly point that is what I do! I get to have my cake and eat it too!

Dinner is round two of my turkey breast dinner which my mom had made especially for my birthday as that is one of my all-time favorite meals.  Growing up I would request turkey on my birthday and think about it, my birthday is two weeks after Thanksgiving and two weeks prior to Christmas, yes I LOVE turkey breast! And now Weight Watchers has made my favorite “meat protein” ZERO points.  It was so nice to not have to weigh the turkey yesterday too!  I am sure I did not eat over 5 ounces, probably closer to 4 ounces but it was yummy!  I did measure out the mashed potatoes as those still have points and so does the veggie stuffing bake and cherry fluff.  It was all good!

I split the slice of Publix cake with my mom.  It is always good to share and it cuts the points in half too!  Next month when it is my mom’s birthday we will split a piece too so I will get a whole slice just over the course of a month! It works!  Funny think about that slice of cake, it did not taste the same as I remembered.  That is what often happens when you refrain from some foods for awhile.  I think it had been two years since I had a slice of that kind of cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting) as I had skipped the cake on my birthday last year.

Loving the flexibility I have with the new zero foods!




Weight Watchers Freestyle – Day 2

I do not think it is just me but I found it exciting to go to the grocery store and think of all the new possibilities with the expanded list of zero foods.  I made chili and corn muffins and all which their points reduced with the addition of beans and eggs to the zero list.  Win win! Things I already love are “cheaper” on the new system.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, turkey sausage patties, with a sprinkling of Fat free cheddar cheese on a high fiber/low carb flour tortilla and it was delicious and only 4sp!

Lunch was roasted turkey breast, corn, green beans, vegetable stuffing bake, mashed potatoes, gravy, sf cranberry sauce and some cherry fluff.  A very filling meal but only 8sp!

Dinner was chili and corn muffins and for two cups of chili and one corn muffin a mere 4sp!  The chili was made with lean ground beef, no turkey and that would have lowered the points even more!  A perfect dinner on a cold windy day in Florida!

Loving turkey breast, chicken breast, beans, corn and hard-boiled eggs are all big deals for me.  I have been eating those and now it makes me want to expand my food choices even more to a bean salad, black bean soup, chicken tacos and more!

I ended my second day with 3 roll over points and not hungry at all.  So far so good but what will my first day of work with the new plan turn out?  We shall see!


Weight Watchers Freestyle – Day 1

The latest  tweaking of the current Weight Watchers Program is called “Freestyle” and the root word of freestyle seems to be the theme.  More zero points foods, more freedom in tracking and more freedom with the up to four points a day that can rollover.

I am thrilled with the additional new zero points foods!  Many have already been a daily staple for me for a about three years now.  Zero points chicken and turkey breast, fish, shellfish, corn, eggs and beans!  I make a lot of homemade soups featuring chicken, vegetables and beans and this makes my recipes now even lighter! Win win! And my chili if I would leave out the lean ground beef and the whole wheat pasta (it is a regional thing from southern Indiana), would be zero points for two cups! WOW! So many possibilities running through my mind right now on how to tweak my existing recipes and make them now zero points!

Even with fewer daily points, I anticipate moving back to full “fat” versions of items like cheese and maybe add some healthy oil to recipes or even have a “splurge” and use a small amount of real butter on a few things here and there.

Now with 23 points a day, my 12sp lunch at KFC, just felt too “pricey” today so I cut out that 7 sp biscuit had to go!  That made my KFC lunch just 5sp and much more “budget” friendly!  Yay!  If I would switch out the mashed potatoes and gravy for corn, my lunch would drop to a mere 1sp for the original chicken breast minus the skin! BIG BIG WIN!

One thing I do see is that now it will be easier for me to have the occasional piece of birthday cake thanks to the daily 4 point roll overs and lots of zero point foods that I love!

Bring on the Freestyle!! I still have 2sp left for the day, I think I will roll them over as my brithday is on Monday and I think I will have some cake!