Congratulations, you have cataracts!

A week ago I had my annual eye examination and was told I have the very early beginning of cataracts.  I laughed at first thinking that he was kidding and I asked just on the one eye?  He said, “No both.”  The upside is that it could be 20 years before they grow and cause any issues.  Sigh.  I felt I just had entered for the first time the “old” zone.  My mother had both her cataracts removed last year and the surgeries went very well and she is thrilled with the results.  So that part does not scare me so much but it brings more reality to the stage I am in my life.

Since early February, there have been five, yes I said five people in my very small neighborhood to pass away.  I have two memorial services this week.  The first was Tuesday night and it was a very uplifting service.  The day was bittersweet as it was 12 years ago to the day that my own father had passed away.  This man whose memorial I was attending had conducted my father’s memorial service just twelve years ago.  Now, it was his turn and his son conducted his own father’s memorial service.  He told some wonderful stories about his father and his sister’s husband also shared some stories as well. This man’s two children had grown up, married and had families of their own.  I so remember them when they were much younger!

I saw so many people who I had not seen in a very long time and the most unusual was seeing one of my former students from my early teaching days.  He and his brother (twins) were in two of my 7th classes, science and geography back in…oh…..soooo many years ago now!  He had grown up, way up as he was shorter than me back then!  He and his family live in Atlanta and is now a CPA.  He and his brother were ‘energetic’ kids back in the day and to hear one of them now has to sit and focus on details and numbers is amazing!  So proud of him!  When this man realized who I was, the look on his face was priceless.  He instantly wanted to offer an apology about how he had acted in my classes.  I waved that off but then he proceeded to tell me how amazing I looked considering what all they had put me through.  That made me smile.  Then, I remembered, I had cataracts.

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