Preparing for the Storm

A year later and the state of Florida is bracing for another storm.  This time it is Hurricane Dorian.  Last year it was Michael and the year before Irma.  I remember 2004 here very well.  We had three hurricanes in six weeks.  We were all exhausted at the end of those six weeks! I hope no one has to experience a six-week period like we did.  Fast forward to 2019 and the whole state of Florida is in the “cone of uncertainty.”  I saw a meme that really stated how it feels waiting to know what is coming.  “Waiting on a hurricane is like being stalked by a turtle.”  That is truth big time!

Here in Tampa Bay, we had lots of rain earlier this month and our ground is saturated, many areas are getting depressions and sinkholes appear.  Now, to add the potential effects of Dorian, it is almost unimaginable what devastation could happen in this area.

We sit and we wait, no we do not! We go out and buy bottled water, hurricane snacks  and fill our gas tanks, because these are the things to do!  We have to remember to get some cash in hand.  ATMs will not work if the power is out.

Buckets of water or a bathtub full of tap water for flushing toilets if the power goes out (eventually water pumps will not work and you will not be able to “flush” and have it refill)

Packing extra ice around items in your freezer to keep things frozen in case of a power outage is a good idea.  Freeze bottles of tap water or fill bags with extra ice from your ice maker.  The more solidly your freezer if filled, the longer it will be able to last without power.

Do not forget your pets, they need water and food too.  A couple extra containers of water for them, extra food/treats and maybe even some new toys to keep them occupied during and after the storm passes.

Charge up your phones and electronics and charge any extra batteries for them that you might have.  Most of us have phone lines that are dependant on power in some form.  This is when I miss the analog phone days!

So many things to do and enough time to do them all!

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