The Baby Steps Journey – Week 2

My Progress for the second week:

Water Intake —- A-

I maintained drinking more water/fluids last week but there is always room for improvement!

GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK– keep on drinking lots of water!

No snacking after 7pm—- B

I slipped up twice in the last week which was a HUGE improvement over previous weeks/months!

GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK – 1 slip up or less

Positive Outcomes for the Week

I did notice a pair of pants were very very slightly looser than the last time I wore them. (about 3 weeks ago) HUGE WIN!

I feel my skin is clarity and smoothness continues to improve.

You have might have noticed I have not mentioned any scale readings. I am focusing on how a feel and how my clothes fit. If I do all the right things, the scales will follow even if a few weeks behind.

I feel that I need to continue to focus on these two steps for another week. The basics often require practice and I need to practice to get a sure footing in this again!



The Baby Steps Journey – Week 1

This past week I went back to basics. Back to taking baby steps back to greater health and happiness!

My first chosen baby step was to concentrate on getting more water into my body. I would give myself a B+ for the last week. I still can do better. Sitting at my desk at work (physically in the office) as I had many tasks to carry out and I found myself having to push to remember to drink my water! But….as a side note as focusing more on water, I was able to cut way back on the diet sodas! A+ on that one! I allowed myself 3 for the weekend (that is when I allow myself to drink diet sodas) and I did not drink all three! I had a partial one left over on Monday and finally finished it on Tuesday. Yay! I had been refilling my soda allotment of three a couple times a week or more lately. This while a small victory is one that does make me feel happier and more in control of what I am eating and drinking. I noticed my skin is looking better too! BONUS!

For week two, my next chosen baby step – no eating/snacking after 7pm. I have been trying to cut down on the snacking and mindless eating for awhile but now to really focus on it! I have been trying to reach for something healthier when snacking in the evening hours already. Now to down down the hours of snack-availability!

TICK TOC TICK TOC time to pay attention to the clock! No Snacking/Eating after 7 O’clock!

Clock 7:00 | ClipArt ETC

If you would like to join me on the baby steps journey, please email me at: I would love to hear how you are doing on your Baby Steps Journey!

One Year Later – Pandemic Observations & Back to Basics

It has been a year since I have last posted.

My life came to a screeching halt as I knew it a year ago when we entered the pandemic. Suddenly priorities changed; unimportant things were now important and important things were often forgotten or cast aside. My first thought when I was told to work remotely that I might be able to do more with my time. Wrong. I had to do less but felt more internally.

I feel that I was numb for the first year of the pandemic emotionally speaking. I saw many around me having issues with working remotely, not being able to eat out, shop or visit family but those things did not seem to phase me. It took a full year before I “felt” like it was time for this to be all over. Thankfully, we are in the middle of the vaccine roll-out and that gives me hope that it will in a few months be “over.”

I the year of the pandemic, I found solace in anything carb like it seems and now I cannot wear many of my clothes either comfortably or at all. My mind seems to be in another world and while I “hate” where my body is now; my mind doesn’t seem to care at all. I start the day with good intentions but by 10 am they are gone with the minutes as they click by. I can’t seem to get out of bed in the mornings like I used to do. I don’t want to go to bed early; I want to stay up and watch TV late. I feel out of control. My first baby step to getting things back into control is to drink more water. It might not sound like much; but it is a start.

We anticipate being back in our offices again full time in the fall. I need to get my head back on straight now; so I will be able to wear my clothes again by the time August rolls around. When I began my weight loss journey in 2013, my first ‘baby step’ was to eat one piece of fruit a day. That isn’t an issue now; now I need to drink more water.

First things first. Back to basics. My body needs to be well hydrated so it can function properly. It needs to flush out those extra things I have been eating and that means water.

Back to Basics for Quality and EHS (EHSQ) Teams | Nimonik Environment,  Health & Safety and Quality Compliance

Who wants to join me on a baby step back to basics journey back to better health? If you want to join me on the baby steps journey, email me at: Hope to hear from you soon!