My Baby Steps Journey- Week 15

My Progress for the 15th week:

Water/Fluid Intake —- A

  • With having five full days in the office this past week, it made it easier to drink on schedule again.  But I know I can do better!   Our less than 2 year old refrigerator stopped dispensing water and ice and no lights on the inside! Waiting to hear when the tech can come fix it (for two days now) But thankfully we have some bottled water and have been drinking that!
  • GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK– focus on drinking more water!

No unhealthy snacking after 7:00pm—- B+

  • This was better than last week, mainly because after I got home and had dinner it was already after 6pm.  What a difference a different routine can make! But now I am on vacation for a week. I have to focus more!
  • GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK – no unhealthy snacking after 7!

Increasing Steps — A-

    • Friday, July 30 – over my daily goal! +640 steps
    • Saturday, July 31 over my daily goal!+102steps
    • Sunday, August 1– under my daily goal! -1654 steps
    • Monday, August 2 – over my daily goal!! +1770 steps
    • Tuesday, August 3 – over my daily goal! +29 steps
    • Wednesday, August 4 – over my daily goal! +1772 steps
    • Thursday, August 5 –  over my daily goal! +562 steps
  • One day under my step goal but I had two days over 10K which was my goal for this week.  I think I will try for doing that again! 
  • GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK – Try to have 2 days over 10K steps for a second week in a row!!

Portion Sizes  B-

  • I am seeming to be more consistent with this but still portions need to be downsized even more.   

GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK: To keep pushing forward!

Positive Experiences/Outcomes for the week:

I worked three full shifts before going on vacation.  I am getting back into the working groove but my dog is not adjusting very well.  She is refusing to eat or do anything other than to get into her bed until I get home from work.  I think I am going to have to have a conversation about the possibility of adjusting my work schedule.