Conquering the Mountains

To say the last two years have not been full of stress would be an understatement. Stay home, mask up, get vaccinated, un-mask, go out, get boosted, get masked, and the list goes on and on. At times, it feels like are carrying the collective weight of grief, anger and hopelessness and not at times having the needed tools to cope with those emotions can initiate us returning to old bad habits. We have added the stress of higher prices for necessities, higher cost of fuel to get to our jobs and then facing the possibility of having to move with skyrocketing rent increases and some homeowners losing the homeowners insurance because of companies either going belly-up or pulling out of the state, that makes one for a huge hot mess in most lives. Inflation and uncertainly have brought many of us financially to our knees wondering how will this ever get better, asking will we ever get our lives back? Adding all of that to the COVID stress, the sad constant news stream of so many losing their lives to violence because of race, mental illness, greed, nationality, politics and location, is it any wonder so many of us have put on excess weight?

How many of us have gained weight and added feelings of failure, excessive guilt and humiliating embarrassment to our already stressed bodies? I know I have and my body weight has increased since the beginning of COVID. At times, I felt totally hopeless thinking why bother with eating right and exercising? My primary care physician had instructed me to stop weighing myself and put the scale away in October 2019. Today was the first day I was on a scale since then. I was not happy with the number I saw but in my head I had guessed my weight and I was very close, just eight pounds more than I had thought. As a friend at WW told me this morning, knowledge is power. Time to channel my anger, disappointment, shame, guilt and embarrassment into reducing that number on the scale.

My first goal is to lose 5 pounds!

How am I going to do that?

  1. Honestly track what I eat (good, bad and ugly)
  2. Drink lots of water – stay hydrated
  3. Walk, stretch and move a little each day
  4. Find my body weight scale and set it out and remember it is a ONLY tool to determine my relationship to gravity.

The number on the scall will NOT tell you:

  • What a great person you are.
  • How much your family and friends love you.
  • That you are kind, smart funny & amazing in ways numbers cannot define.
  • That you have the power to choose happiness.
  • Your own self-worth.

I conquered my first mountain…..I went to an in person WW meeting and after two years happy being “seen”

Another thought – Love yourself here and now!!! Think about it, where you are now is where someone else would LOVE to be….

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