The Daily Climb

Each day we all have mountains to climb, and our mindset will determine if we are successful climbing our daily mountains.  What are daily mountains you ask?  It could be something as basic as not getting experiencing road rage on the way to work, or not adding that extra creamer to your coffee or as complex as wondering how to confront a co-worker.

My biggest daily mountains are choosing to eat healthier and eat smaller portions. I often can plan but others can become obstacles to achieving even your smallest of goals.   Learning how to work around minor obstacles is key to long term success. 

Planning ahead

How to deal with any obstacles/hills will help pave the road to success. 

  • Have a good response and now to best respond when —-
    • Have an action plan in your mind before a hill/mountain arises
    • Practice responding to those hills/mountains


No matter what comes your way and plans do not work out, never E-V-E-R give up on yourself; you are worth it!

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