About Me

Lora 05032014g

I live and work full-time in Tampa, Florida.  I work in higher education and enjoy cruising and adopted a new dog at the first of the year.

I started cruising in December 2001 and have been enjoying cruising each year since then!  I find cruising very relaxing and a great way to meet some awesome people!  I have been able to see some great places through cruising too!  Cozumel, Mexico, Playa de Carmen, Mexico, Costa Maya, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Key West, New Orleans, Florida, Jamaica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico,  Antigua, St. Marten, St. Lucia, Aruba, Curacao, St. Thomas, Tortola, St. Kitts, St. John, Belize, Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and the Bahamas.   I hope to add Haiti to my list this year!

I started following the Weight Watchers lifestyle by joining Weight Watchers Online  in January 23, 2013 for the third time!   As the saying goes, “third time is the charm” and that is my goal!  As of May 8, 2014, I have gotten rid of 110.6 lbs and still counting!  I have 11.2 to reach my goal.  This is getting exciting!

This is my third time doing Weight Watchers and I have been successful each time I have done it BUT I finally understand, this is the way I must live the rest of my life to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.  Weight Watchers is not a diet it is a lifestyle!  It seems for all of my life, I have battled weight issues and I am tired of the yo-yoing and feel it is time to get a grip on it once and for all!  Once you reach a “certain age” your health becomes a focus and you understand that it is priority one in your life.  I have helped to start a Weight Watchers at Work group here where I work. I can’t wait to see how successful everyone will be!

I have also started two blog pages called “Lite n Tasty” where I post some of the Weight Watchers focused recipes I have found and “Tales from the Sunny Side” about the antics of my new dog named Sunny.

Below is a photo showing my progression on the Weight Watchers Program.  My next picture will be taken when I reach my goal and will have succeeded in getting rid of 122 lbs. of excess weight!  I am working toward reaching my goal soon!

2014 Progress


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